How To Make A Discord Channel NFSW

NFSW, Not Safe For Work, is a common way of telling someone what they are about to see, read or hear is not going to be safe for delicate ears, nosey supervisors or bosses who believe in working you to the bone. It is also a useful warning to people about to join a channel that conversations may include adult themes, topics or language. This tutorial will show you how to make a Discord channel NFSW so you can chat about anything you like.


There is no single definition for NFSW. Sure, we know is stands for Not Safe For Work but there is no clear definition of what that is. We understand it to cover anything from naked selfies to adult chat, politics where things get heated to discussing fetishes, sexual topics and so much more. Any subject can be adult in nature if you want it to be so it’s difficult to know what to expect, except that it might not be suitable for delicate ears.

Make your Discord channel NFSW

NFSW is a channel setting you can configure when first setting up or later down the line when the channel has evolved a little. It’s a toggle you can turn on or off that warns incoming users that they may be exposed to adult content.

You can configure a channel as NFSW by doing the following:

  1. Log into your server as an admin or owner.
  2. Select the channel you want to make NFSW and select the gear icon to the right of it.
  3. Scroll down the Overview pane until you see NFSW Channel.
  4. Toggle the slider to on to set.

From now on, whenever anyone joins the channel they will see a NFSW channel warning they will have to agree before they can join.

NFSW chat

Discord are very accepting of NFSW chat as they know that not everything is going to be about sex or pornography. I’m sure there are plenty of servers that cover that but they are likely in the extreme minority. There are thousands of subjects covered by Discord channels and those subjects will be in there somewhere.

Some NFSW channels I know are about role playing, some about politics or teen chat, some even about benign things like books or music. Some admins will set the NFSW marker if there is a tendency for swearing or talking about adult subjects. A couple of politics servers I used to visit have turned on the NFSW setting ever since Trump came to power as chat would often become inflammatory and way too harsh for younger ears.

NFSW chat not suitable for Discord

Discord is fantastic in that it accepts people for who they are. It doesn’t judge and tries not to tell people what to do or how to do it. That said, there are a few rules you need to know if you’re going to be setting up an NFSW channel. If you’re planning on setting one up, you might want to read the Discord Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines.

The Discord Terms of Service refer you to the Community Guidelines with this line:

‘You agree not to use the Service in order to: post, upload, transmit or otherwise disseminate information that is objectionable as outlined in our Community Guidelines;’

The terms are quite liberal but are also quite specific. The Community Guidelines have a couple of things you will need to know before setting up an NFSW channel, mainly around what is absolutely not allowed. Those things include:

  • ‘Sharing illustrated or digitally altered pornography which depicts minors (such as lolicon, shotacon, or cub).’
  • ‘Sharing content glorifying or promoting, in general, self-harm or suicide.’
  • ‘Sharing images of gore and/or animal cruelty.’
  • ‘Sharing content related to minors that is sexually suggestive or violent.’
  • ‘Sharing or linking to content with intent to shame or degrade another individual.’

You get the idea. You can use NFSW to talk about whatever you like covering whatever subjects you like. As long as you don’t direct that at an individual to bully them or embarrass them, shock them or to make them self harm, you should be fine.

Running NFSW channels does not automatically mean you’re sharing images or talking about adult subjects all the time. It’s fair warning to users joining your channel that there may be adult themes or language used within the channel. Discord actively accepts NFSW channels and we should too. Freedom of speech is one of the key differences between an open democracy and a dictatorship and while everything else in the world may be falling apart, at least Discord can help keep us sane!