How To Make A Crunchyroll Account For Free

Crunchyroll is one of the sources for manga and anime online. It has a huge repository, lots of recent titles and some older ones, a huge range of genres and series and offers a lot of it for free as long as you don’t mind ads. Creating a Crunchyroll account is free but there is a subscription if you don’t like the volume of commercials.


You can make a Crunchyroll account for free in less an a couple of minutes as long as you have an email address. You can pay for a premium account too if you like or you can try to get some premium time for free. Crunchyroll offers a 14 day free trial for premium and there are some other ways to get legit premium time on the site.

Create a Crunchyroll account for free

The account creation process over at Crunchyroll is a breeze. It’s the usual website signup and as long as you have an email address, you’re good to go. If you want to try the free trial, you’ll need a credit card too.

You can do this on the desktop or mobile. Here on desktop:

  1. Navigate to the Crunchyroll signup page.
  2. Enter your email address, username, gender and birthday. Opt out of marketing unless you want it.
  3. Sign up for the 14 day trial or remain free for now.

on mobile:

  1. Navigate
  2. Enter your email address, username, gender and birthday.
  3. Sign up for the 14 day trial or remain free for now.

Free accounts have access to the majority of titles on Crunchyroll but they come with ads. Usually an ad before, one or two during and one after. They are numerous and sometimes intrusive but they do allow you to view anime for free.

Access Crunchyroll Premium for free

There are some legit ways to access Crunchyroll premium without having to pay anything. Each of these is legal and will offer a period of access to an ad-free experience and HD playback.

There are websites that offer hacked premium accounts or cracked premium passwords. I suggest avoiding these at all costs. Not only could they not deliver what they promise, it also encourages the vendor to hack Crunchyroll. As you’re going to be a user of that site, encouraging hacks against it is the last thing you want to do!

Free Crunchyroll trial

Your first option for getting free Crunchyroll Premium is to sign up for the 14 day free trial. You will need a credit card but you could use a prepaid card or a gift card. There is no guarantee the gift card would work but some of them are likely to. Once your 14 days are up, you can cancel your account so you don’t have to pay anything.

Then there’s nothing stopping you setting up a new account with a new email and doing it all over again.

Social media

There are a few anime fan groups on social media that offer Crunchyroll Premium as incentives to Like or Follow the page or as competition prizes. Facebook has lots of them, as does Twitter. There are lots of Facebook anime groups. Have a look, join a few and contribute to the ones you like the look of most. You should get a good idea of the community from their page and the rest is simple.

If you contribute to these groups, not only do you make new friends and learn new things about anime, you could also get free Crunchyroll Premium.

Ask on the Crunchyroll forum

When you sign up to Crunchyroll, you also get access to the forum. This is another lively community that discusses all aspects of anime and the Crunchyroll site. There is a specific section for guest passes and it might be a good idea to keep an eye on that. Sometimes free guest passes are offered and sometimes you might have to ask.

As long as you’re polite, not a nuisance and ask nicely, you should get a guest pass at some point. Nobody likes begging but if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Crunchyroll Guest Pass Thread on Reddit

The Crunchyroll Guest Pass Thread on Reddit is also a good place to score free access to Crunchyroll Premium. The page offers giveaways and often people with guest passes they don’t want will post them on here. You have to be fast though as once they appear, they are gone in minutes. Like the Crunchyroll forum, you have to be quick otherwise someone will snap up the code.

There are a few ways to access Crunchyroll Premium without having to pay. They are all temporary measures as each code or access is limited and will run out. The only true way to access ad-free anime is to pay. As the site needs that money to keep the lights on, I think paying after accessing it for free is a fair exchange don’t you?