How To Make A Bot For Telegram

Do you want to create a bot for your groups on Telegram? Or do you want one with a customizable set of commands? How about a bot that lets you play games? In any case, we’re here to help you. We’ll teach you how to create a bot on Telegram.


For those who don’t know, bots on Telegram are accounts operated by software instead of real users. This feature we’re introduced back in 2015 when the platform released its Bot API.

Since then, a lot of developers have created bots that anyone can use on the platform. Some allow you to play games, broadcast on channels, search the internet, and integrate with other apps and services.

These are just some of the things you can do with a bot, and you can explore more of them by creating one by yourself. If you have no idea how to do so, don’t worry, we got you covered. We’ll teach you how to create and set up your own bot on Telegram.

How to create a bot in Telegram

To build your own bot in Telegram, you can contact BotFather, the platform’s official bot designed to create and manage other bots. You can use it to generate a token that you can use to access authorize and access the BOT API.

Whether you’re on the Telegram desktop or mobile app, you can search and message BotFather to create a new bot. In our example below, we’ll create one from a mobile device.

On Android:

  1. Launch the Telegram app from your home screen or app drawer and sign-in to your account.
  2. At the top right side of your screen, tap the Search button.

  3. Type BotFather and select the right profile.

  4. At the bottom of the chat window, tap Start and send the command “/newbot.”

  5. Add a display name for your bot. You can use any word you like, and it can contain spaces.

  6. Specify your bot’s unique username. Note that the name must end in “bot” and must have no spaces.

  7. Save and store the access token in a secure place. Anyone who knows it can access and control your bot.

After creating your bot, you can now customize it to your liking. You can use it to create and play games, accept payments, and many more. For the full list of commands, send /help to BotFather.

As for Telegram users on iOS and desktops, the process is pretty much the same. All you have to do is send the “/newbot” command to BotFather, and follow the next steps to create your new bot.

How to generate a new bot token in Telegram

If you forgot to store your token, chat BotFather using your account to receive a reminder. Open your chat, send the “/token” command, and select a bot to display its current API token.

But if you think that your token got compromised, you can opt to generate a new one. To do so, send “/revoke” to BotFather and select one of your bots to create a new token.

After revoking your old token, no one can use the code to access and control your bot. This time, make sure to keep your new access token safe and secure from other people.

How to edit your bots on Telegram

If you want to customize your bots even further, there are a couple of commands that you can send to BotFather to add more details to your bot. Here’s some of them:

  • /setname: Change your bot’s display name.
  • /setuserpic: Add an Icon to represent your bot.
  • /setcommands: Modify the list of commands supported by your bot.
  • /setdescription: Change the message that the users will see when they start conversing with your bot.
  • /setabouttext: Change the text users see when they visit your bot’s profile.
  • /setjoingroups: Toggle whether to allow your bot to work in groups r not.

These are just some of the commands you can use with BotFather to customize your bot. For the whole list, use the /help feature.

To wrap it all up

With the help of BotFather, Telegram’s official bot manager, you can create and customize your own bot on the app. You can choose to generate one that allows you to play games, get search results from the internet, and many more.

After creating your bot, you can set and modify the list of commands that it supports. You can also add it to your groups to test if it works or if it needs more tweaking.

That’s all we have on our guide about creating bots on Telegram. For the latest tips, tricks, and tutorials from us, hit the bookmark button, and visit us regularly for our latest posts and updates.