How To Logout Gmail From Other Devices

There might be an instance that you have logged in to your Gmail account on another person’s device and forgotten to log out, or your account may have been hacked or had an unauthorized login from a different location. This is an unfortunate event since Gmail contains many important and confidential information that an unwanted person can access.


To prevent these things from happening, you’ll need to deny those unwanted devices access to your account. To accomplish this, you must log out of your account from all other devices, which you can do by doing the easy-to-follow steps outlined below.

1. Go to Gmail and log into your account.

To begin, launch your web browser and navigate to Gmail. After that, log into the account where you want to make changes.

2. Click the profile photo of that account.

After you’ve logged in, click the profile icon in the top right corner of the page to bring up a drop-down menu.

3. Select the “Manage your Google Account” option.

You will see the basic Gmail settings in the drop-down menu; however, you must click the “Manage your Google Account” option to see the more advanced Gmail settings. By clicking this button, you will be taken to a new window.

4. Click “Security” on the left panel.

There will be a left panel on the new page with several options; you must choose “Security.”

5. Go to the “Your devices” section then click the “Manage devices” button.

If you’re already on the “Security” page, scroll down until you reach the section for your devices, and then click the “Manage devices” button.

6. Select the device name where you want to sign out your Gmail account.

All devices that log in with your Gmail credentials will be accessible. All you have to do is select which device should not have access to your account. Remember that the first option in the list of devices is the one you’re currently using, so don’t select it. In this case, I selected the last one.

7. Tap the “Sign Out” button.

You must select the “Sign Out” button after clicking the tab for that specific device.

8. Click the “Sign out” button again on the confirmation pop-up window.

A small pop-up window will ask for your confirmation to ensure that you truly want to proceed with the action. If you are certain, click the “Sign out” button.


This is only one way to sign out of your Gmail account on other devices, but another. You will simply change your account’s password, but how will this help you with your problem? Don’t worry, doing so will allow you to log out of your account on all devices that currently have access to it.