How To Leave A GroupMe Without Notifying Anyone

Can you leave a GroupMe without notifying anyone? Can you stop the many GroupMe notifications hitting your phone? Is there an airplane mode you can use while at work or when you need peace and quiet?

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GroupMe is an extremely popular group messaging app. It’s popular with friends and individuals and with companies who want a low cost collaboration tool and don’t want to use Slack. One thing you will notice when you start using GroupMe is that it notifies you of everything. Change your avatar, you’re notified, someone send a single emoji in a message, you’re notified. Someone joins, the GroupMe, you’re notified. You get the idea.

A lot of those notifications are necessary. This is a social app after all. However a lot of them aren’t and you will soon find yourself suppressing notifications altogether.

Can you leave a GroupMe without notifying anyone?

The answer to this question depends. GroupMe will notify group members you have left but that’s only relevant if they have kept all notifications enabled. If users have turned off notifications, you can leave and all they will see is a text notification that could be buried within other notifications.

So no, you cannot turn off leave notifications as far as I can tell. However, other GroupMe users will only notice you have left when they scroll through their messages, which could be hours later.

If you’re wondering this in order to avoid insulting a work GroupMe or don’t want to hurt the feelings of a friend, leaving without notification isn’t the way forward anyway. Instead, you could mute the conversation which doesn’t notify anyone or bow out of the conversation gracefully by saying you have work, a term paper, a project to complete or some other urgent business.

To leave a GroupMe:

  1. Open GroupMe and select the group you want to leave.
  2. Select the group avatar in the top right and select Settings.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Leave Group.

If you see End Group instead of Leave Group, you’re the group owner. Proceeding will shut down the group.

If you leave a group and find you want to rejoin, you can do it like this:

  1. Open GroupMe and select Archives.
  2. Select the group you left and select Rejoin.

Can you stop so many notifications hitting your phone?

GroupMe does have two ways to suppress notifications. You can mute chats individually or you can mute an entire group notification. Both come in useful in the situation above when you don’t want to be interrupted constantly with chat notifications from a lively group.

The easiest way to mute an individual group is to use a text code. Use ‘#mute’ to mute a single group. This will stop you being notified of anything from that group until you unmute it. As far as I can tell, nobody is notified when you mute a group so this may be a better option if you really don’t want to notify people.

When you’re ready to socialize again type ‘#unmute’ and you will be back in the room.

You can also mute groups in other ways.

Mute a GroupMe on desktop:

  1. Open GroupMe and select the chat header of the chat you want to mute.
  2. Select Settings and scroll to Mute.
  3. Toggle on or off depending on your needs.

Mute a GroupMe on iOS:

  1. Open your iPhone settings and select Notifications.
  2. Select Mute a GroupMe and toggle Allow Notifications on or off.

Mute a GroupMe on Android:

  1. Open your phone settings and select Sound and Notifications.
  2. Select Notification & Others and GroupMe.
  3. Toggle notifications on or off.

Again, muting does not notify anyone else that you have silenced chat and you can go about your day without the constant interruptions GroupMe brings with it. Just be prepared to answer why you didn’t respond to questions or comments during that time!

Is there an airplane mode you can use while at work or need peace and quiet?

Office Mode is the GroupMe version of airplane mode. You can use the methods above to stop notification or use Office Mode to temporarily gain a little peace and quiet. You need to use a web browser though as this isn’t available on mobile.

  1. Log into GroupMe on the web.
  2. Select the chat avatar from the screen and select Settings.
  3. Select Office Mode.

GroupMe is both a great app for communicating and a time sink that takes up way too much of your day. Your options are limited in terms of control, muting and leaving chats but you do have options.

How do you leave chats? Do you just leave without a word or tell people first? Tell us about your experiences below!