How To Label Your Emails In Gmail

When we open Gmail, all the emails are usually sorted into 3 categories — Primary, Socials, and Promotions. These labels are actually a great help especially when we’re trying to locate specific emails from a pool of uncategorized ones. However, there may come a time where these labels won’t be enough as they’ve been filled with countless ones already. When this happens, you have to learn about adding new labels to categorize your emails.


This can greatly help with organizing all your emails and can make locating specific emails more convenient for you. Though the process of adding a number of emails to a new label may be quite a long one, you’ll also be the one to benefit in the long run. If you’re curious about how it’s done, check out the detailed steps we have laid out for you below.

Creating a New Label

If this is the first time you’re creating a new label, I will assume that the current ones you have are just the ones I mentioned above—Socials, Promotions, and Primary. If you want to add new ones, here are the steps you have to follow.

1. Click on the email you wish to label in Gmail.

After you log into your Gmail account, you’ll immediately see the list of all kinds of emails you’ve received. Among them, click on the one you want to label.

2. Select the Labels icon on the toolbar.

After that, inspect the toolbar below the search bar and click on the “Labels” icon.

3. Click on “Create New” among the options.

Your current labels will appear and below them, you have the option to create a new label. Make sure to click that if you’re planning to create a new label for categorizing your emails.

4. Type in the name you want for your label.

Now, put the label name you want on the space provided for categorizing your email. Afterward, make sure to click the “Create” button at the bottom part of the pop-up message to be able to save your changes.

Labeling Your Emails

Now that you know how to create new labels for categorizing all your emails, labeling them is the easiest part. It’s actually quite similar to the process above but differs in a few things. Here’s how:

1. Select the Labels icon on the toolbar.

Again, after clicking on the particular email you want to label, click on the Labels icon which can be found on the toolbar below the search bar.

2. Mark the box beside the label you want for categorizing the email.

Once you’ve clicked it, your newly created label(s) will immediately show right after clicking the icon. Now, what’s left for you to do is check the boxes beside the label(s) where you want the email to be included.

Organizing Your Email with Labels

Making use of labels can really help you in organizing your emails and making it easier for you to look for certain files. Thus, it’s really important to find time to categorize everything in your inbox so that looking for stuff can be a lot more convenient for you. It doesn’t matter how many labels you create, the essential thing is that you’re able to segregate or sort all your message in a way that’s uncomplicated for you to manage.