How To Know Which Role To Play In Pokémon Unite

There are 5 roles you can choose to play as in Pokémon Unite. Here’s an in depth look at each of them to help you pick your role.


Pokémon Unite has been a smashing success. The MOBA genre is pretty hot right now and Nintendo managed to capitalize on its popularity by making a game filled with characters from one of its most recognizable IP, Pokémon. Following the standards for the genre, Pokémon Unite has 5 roles to choose from as you battle your opponent to win the game. So what exactly are these 5 roles?

The 5 roles in Pokémon Unite are Attacker, Speedster, Defender, All-Rounder, and Supporter. Each of them have different playstyles, strengths, and weaknesses that make them better at doing specific things when in a battle. The secret to winning the game is understanding what each role brings to the table and how you can make it work with the rest of your team. Let’s take a closer look at each of these roles. 


Attackers are the main damage dealers of your team. They have high range and multiple offensive abilities that can deal a lot of damage against your opponents. However, in exchange for excellent offense, Attackers have very poor defense and tend to be fragile. To make up for this, Attackers have great range that help them attack your opponents from afar. When playing as an Attacker, you should have great positioning during team fights so you wouldn’t get picked off by the enemy team. You should almost always be laning with another teammate so you wouldn’t be easily focused down by your opponents.

Best Attacker for Beginners: Pikachu


Speedsters are very mobile Pokémon who can dip in and out of fights and dish out quick bursts of damage. You can compare this role to an assassin in traditional MOBA games. They’re great for sneaking behind your opponents to deal massive damage. Despite the heavy damage, Speedsters are just as frail as Attackers. Use your speed carefully to outwit your opponents and take out their main damage dealers. They’re also probably the best scorers in the game thanks to the dashes built in their abilities.

Best Speedster for Beginners: Gengar


Defenders are basically the tanks in Pokémon Unite. They are very durable Pokémon with a lot of crowd control in their abilities. They’re best used as the team’s frontline; protecting your carries or preventing the opponent’s from scoring a goal. These Pokémon have naturally high HP which makes them very difficult to take out. When playing as a Defender, it’s important to be cooperative with your team since you won’t have much damage. Defenders usually team up or lane with the Attacker for a balance of offense and defense.

Best Defender for Beginners: Snorlax


All-Rounders are exactly what they sound like. They have great overall stats that essentially allow them to do whatever they want. These Pokémon have a great mix of offense and defense that they can excel no matter what the situation they’re put in. They can go on all three lanes and they’re just so self-sufficient that they won’t need as much assistance from their allies. All-Rounders are very balanced so any player with enough experience with the game can succeed with most Pokémon in this role.

Best All-Rounder for Beginners: Charizard


Supporters are the backbone of any team composition in any MOBA game. Pokémon in this role have abilities that give shields, heals, and buffs to your allies so that they can do their roles effectively and efficiently. Some Supporter Pokémon also have debuffs that apply status conditions to the enemy team. Supporters don’t have much impact on their own as they are incredibly reliant on their team. But when in a group setting or in a team fight, you’ll quickly see how strong of an influence a Supporter can have on the outcome of a game. 

Best Supporter for Beginners: Eldegoss

Final Thoughts

Pokémon Unite has enough similarities with a traditional MOBA game to keep genre purists happy but also introduces new twists that make the experience fresh and innovative. All these roles have specific priorities and play styles in the game so make sure to learn them all to help you succeed. Always keep in mind to work together with your team to ensure your victory. Most of all, don’t forget to have fun.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about the roles in Pokémon Unite. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite video games!