How To Know Which Cards To Use From The Fire Splinter

The Fire Splinter is a really strong set of cards especially in the lower divisions. When used correctly, you can easily increase your rating all the way to Silver. In fact, some of these cards can be good at the higher ratings EVEN at level 1. Here’s how you can know which cards to use from the Fire Splinter.


Why use the Fire Splinter?

The Fire Splinter has some really good cards. Plain and simple. They have great melee monsters and even better ranged monsters. Out of all the splinters, Fire is probably the strongest early on without having to rent other cards. And even if you rent cards, the strong cards from this splinter are actually very cheap. So, if you’re looking for a great splinter with a decent mix of everything from tanks, melee, ranged, and magic monsters, you came to the right place.

Cards to Use

All the cards we’ll be using are all Level 1. Despite being able to use higher level cards in Bronze, we find that unnecessary with this strategy. We’re focused on how you can maximize the use of the starter cards and a few cheap ones you can rent while spending as little as possible. 


Summoners have buffs, debuffs, or abilities that can affect either your monsters or your opponent’s. You can only choose one summoner per game. Picking the right summoners are important as your choice can make or break the match.

Malric Inferno

Malric Inferno is a rare summoner that comes with the initial starter deck of the Fire splinter. At level 1, it allows you to only summon monsters of the same level. What sets this card apart is its buff that gives you +1 Melee damage. Since most fire monsters you’ll be using are melee, this summoner certainly gives you an edge.


Pyre is the other rare summoner that comes with the starter deck. Unlike Malric, Pyre gives you +1 Speed. Most new players tend to overlook this summoner because it only gives speed. Speed is actually a very powerful stat. Having high speed allows you to attack first and therefore deal damage first. Not only that, your monster’s capability to dodge or evade melee and ranged attacks depend on their speed. The higher their speed is, the higher their dodge chance is. Pyre is perfect for high speed, high damage, but low health champions who would benefit from attacking first. Personally, we would pick Pyre over Malric in most matchups.


Monsters are the cards that actually do battle in Splinterlands. Some of them have melee attacks, ranged attacks, and magic attacks. Some monsters don’t have attacks at all but have useful abilities that can turn the tides in their favor. For this guide, we’ll take a look at a little bit of everything.

Living Lava

Let’s start off the list of monsters with the tanks. The best tank you can use early on is probably Living Lava. This monster card has excellent stats that you would want from a front line tank. At level 1, it has 3 Melee Attack, 1 Speed, 2 Armor, and 6 Health. It also has the Shield ability which reduces the damage it takes from melee and ranged attacks. When combined with a summoner like Malric, this monster can do some heavy damage.

Serpentine Soldier

This monster can be a great alternative to Living Lava especially in low mana situations. It only costs 5 mana to summon and has pretty good stats as well. At level 1, it has 1 Melee Attack, 4 Speed, 1 Armor, and 4 Health. Like Living Lava, this monster also has the Shield Ability. With a bit of luck, this monster can dodge every attack thrown at it when paired with a summoner like Pyre.


Cerberus is another great tank. It’s the ideal tank you’d be using for most of your games using the Fire splinter. It has great stats and only requires 4 mana to summon. 2 Melee Attack, 3 Speed, and 5 Health at level 1 is very good. The best quality of this card though, is it’s ability Heal. With Heal, Cerberus restores a portion of its own health every round. This can be really useful in the lower leagues since there aren’t a lot of monsters who can take out Cerberus in one go. Most of the time, Cerberus can just heal back the damage they dealt.

Fineas Rage

Now, this monster isn’t exactly free but it’s very cheap to rent at level 1. As of this writing, Fineas Rage’s value on the rental market at level 1 isn’t even at 1 DEC. So, you should have no problem renting this card. It’s a great offtank since it has pretty high health at 8. It also has the reach ability so it can still attack despite it being a melee monster not at the first position.

Lava Launcher

Lava Launcher is another card that isn’t free BUT can be acquired without spending anything. You see, Lava Launcher is part of the Reward edition set of cards which means that you can get it as a reward from your Daily Quests. You may need a bit of luck but it’s certainly possible. If you still haven’t gotten it from rewards, don’t fret! This card is pretty cheap to rent as well. Lava Launcher is an epic monster with ranged attack. At level 1, it has 3 Ranged Attack,  3 Speed, 6 Armor, and 5 Health. Not only that, it has the Close Range ability. This ability allows it to attack at the first position despite being a ranged monster. It’s pretty handy if you can manage to fit it in your lineup. Although, it’s ideally placed somewhere between the first and last monster on your team.

Kobold Miner and Serpentine Spy

These are actually two separate monsters but we’ll be putting them together in the same entry since they are very similar as to what they do. Kobold Miner and Serpentine Spy have very low mana costs at 2 and 3, respectively, making them perfect additions to your team in low mana situations. Kobold miner has the Sneak ability which means that it will automatically attack the monster and the opponent’s last position. Wherever you place Kobold Miner, it can attack despite being a melee monster. Serpentine Spy has a similar ability in Opportunity. This allows it to attack from any position and will target the opposing monster with the lowest health. These are great damage monsters to have on your team and they both come free with the starter set.

Fire Elemental

Another ranged monster that comes with the starter set. Most ranged monsters are designed to be vulnerable because they were meant to be placed in your team’s backline. Fire Elemental is no different. It has 2 Ranged Attack, 4 Speed, and only 2 Health at the cost of 5 mana. What makes this monster really good is the Blast ability. This allows it to do additional damage to the monster adjacent to its target. It’s the very definition of hitting two birds with one stone. This is a very powerful card when used correctly and can win you a lot of games. Try to fit in your team as much as you can.

Efreet Elder

This has got to be one of the most underrated cards in Splinterlands. Efreet Elder is a rare monster that deals magic damage. At level 1, it has 1 Magic Attack, 3 Speed, and 8 Health. Pretty decent stats I might say. But what makes it stand out is the Last Stand ability. When this is the only monster remaining on your team, it gets dramatically increased stats. It’s Magic attack, speed, and health all get a significant increase when this ability comes to play. This monster is pretty cheap to rent too. You can rent one for a day and it won’t even cost you more than 1 DEC. Make sure to keep this monster at the last or second to the last position of your team. Watch out for Sneak lineups though as they can take this monster out before it manages to proc Last Stand.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see, the Fire splinter is very strong. You can dominate with this splinter with minimal spending and relying mostly on the starter cards. The monsters we have here that aren’t part of the starter set can be purchased or rented very cheaply. With the right positioning and the right cards, you can easily increase your ratings and your win rate without breaking a sweat.

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So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on which cards to use from the Fire Splinter on Splinterlands. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite games. Have fun!