How To Know Which Cards To Use From The Death Splinter

Not used to using the Death Splinter in Splinterlands? Does your daily quest require you to win matches with this splinter but you’re unsure of how to use it? We’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know on which cards to use from the Death Splinter.


Why use the Death Splinter?

A lot of new players tend to overlook the Death Splinter. Maybe it’s because at first glance, it’s cards don’t look all that powerful. Well, these players are missing out. The Death Splinter is actually really powerful especially for new players. In the lower leagues, most rulesets have low mana and since most monsters in the Death Splinter have very low mana costs, these can work heavily in your favor. 

Cards to Use

All the cards we’ll be using are all Level 1. Despite being able to use higher level cards in Bronze, we find that unnecessary with this strategy. We’re focused on how you can maximize the use of the starter cards and a few cheap ones you can rent while spending as little as possible. 


Summoners have buffs, debuffs, or abilities that can affect either your monsters or your opponent’s. You can only choose one summoner per game. Picking the right summoners are important as your choice can make or break the match.

Zintar Mortalis

Zintar Mortalis is a low key great summoner.  It’s a rare card that comes free with the starter set so you don’t have to spend anything to use this card. When used, this summoner gives a debuff to enemy monsters by reducing their Melee Attack by 1. Since players in Bronze mostly rely on melee monsters, this debuff can prove to be very useful

Owster Rotwell

This is our personal favorite summoner from the Death Splinter. If you’re familiar with Mylor Crowling, which we’re sure you will be especially if you’re in Bronze, this summoner kind of works the same way but for Magic Attack monsters. When used, it gives all friendly monsters the Magic Reflect ability which allows them to return the magic damage back to the monster that attacked them. It’s a really great ability. When you take into account that the meta right now is more focused on Magic Attack monsters, Owster Rotwell can be a real lifesaver. Although this card does not come free with the starter deck, it’s relatively cheap to rent.


Monsters are the cards that actually do battle in Splinterlands. Some of them have melee attacks, ranged attacks, and magic attacks. Some monsters don’t have attacks at all but have useful abilities that can turn the tides in their favor. For this guide, we’ll take a look at a little bit of everything.

Bone Golem

Bone Golem is one of the best tanks in the game. In a lot of ways, it’s very similar to Living Lava from the Fire Splinter. At level 1, it has 3 Melee Attack, 1 Speed, 2 Armor, and 6 Health. It’s ability, Void, reduces damage from Magic attacks. When paired with Owster Rotwell, this monster can absolutely destroy magic damage lineups. 

Animated Corpse

A great alternative tank especially in low mana matches. At only 4 mana, you can summon Animated Corpse and at level 1, it has 2 Melee Attack, 1 Speed, and 6 Health. It can take a few hits and deal pretty decent damage. It’s definitely an underrated pick that a lot of players seem to overlook. Best part is that it’s free and comes with the starter set.

Haunted Spirit

Like Animated Corpse, this is another good tank that comes with the starter set and has a low mana cost. Haunted Spirit is the ideal tank that you should be using most of the time. It has excellent stats at level 1 with 2 Melee Attack, 2 Speed, and 7 Health. This monster also has the Heal ability which allows it to restore a portion of its health every round. When combined with the debuff from Zintar Mortalis, you can practically heal back the damage dealt to you by the opposing monsters.

Undead Priest

Undead Priest is a common monster that comes with the starter set. While it has no attack, it’s great as a utility monster card. True to the themes of the Death Splinter, Undead Priest has the Weaken ability which reduces the health of all enemy monsters by 1. It also only costs 2 mana to summon so you can probably find a way to squeeze this monster into your lineups.

Skeleton Assassin

Out of all the monsters we’re going to feature here, Skeleton Assassin has the highest speed. At level 1, it has 1 Melee Attack, 4 Speed, and 2 Health. Not to mention, it has the Sneak ability which allows it to attack from any position and will target the last monster on the opponent’s team. It also comes with the starter set and costs 3 mana to summon.

Venari Bonesmith

Now, Venari Bonesmith is the second card we’ll talk about that isn’t free. While yes it doesn’t come with the starter set, this card is easily obtainable and isn’t exactly expensive. In fact, this card is part of the Reward edition set of cards which means you can get it for free as a reward from the Daily Quests. If you can’t wait to get it, you can just rent it for a very cheap price. Venari Bonesmith at level 1 has 1 Magic Attack, 2 Speed, and 3 Health. What makes it an essential component of any Death Splinter lineup is its ability, Life Leech. This ability makes this monster’s health increase each time it damages an enemy monster’s health in proportion to the damage dealt. 

Twisted Jester

Out of all the ranged monsters available on the Death Splinter’s starter set, Twisted Jester is the best. At level 1, it has 2 Ranged Attack, 3 Speed, and 4 Health. Plus, it has the Snipe ability which means that it will target enemy monsters with Ranged, Magic, or no attack that are not in the first position. It only cost 4 mana to summon and can be great on any lineup using this splinter.

Ancient Lich

Ancient Lich is a very powerful monster. Not at all surprising, considering it is a Legendary card. At level 1, it has a whopping 3 Magic Attack, 1 Speed, and 3 Health. At face value, its stats may not seem like much but when you consider that it also has the Life Leech ability, things change. Life Leech adds health to your monster in proportion to the damage it deals. Since Ancient Lich deals 3 magic damage, it will also increase its health by 3 points. The only drawback is that Ancient Lich isn’t free and it’s not exactly cheap either. You can rent it for around 10-20 DEC depending on what’s left in the rental market. If you can snag this card though, it will definitely boost your chances of winning duels.

Final Thoughts

The Death Splinter has one of the best starter sets out of any splinters in the game. It’s very powerful and since most games in Bronze have low mana caps, you can easily fit most monsters here in your lineup. Give it some time and get used to the cards. Pretty soon, you’ll dominate using this splinter and you’ll be glad that you used it sooner.

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So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on which cards to use from the Death Splinter on Splinterlands. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite games. Have fun!