How To Know Where The Spike Is Planted In Valorant

Are you having trouble winning rounds in Valorant because you can’t locate the spike? Or are you having trouble knowing which site your enemies planted? In any case, we’re here to help you. In our quick guide below, we’ll give out a few tips on how to find the spike in Valorant, whether you’re on the attacking or defending side.


In Valorant, the attacking side can win a round in two ways. They can either eliminate all the defenders on the map or plant the spike and defend it until it explodes.

On the other hand, the defending side can also eliminate all the attackers or prevent the attackers from planting until the timer runs out. However, once the enemy plants the spike, your team needs to retake the site and defuse the bomb before it explodes.

With that in mind, finding the spike if you’re on the defending side is a piece of crucial information that can help you win the round. Thankfully, there are clues and sound cues you can follow to know where the spike is in-game.

How to locate the spike in Valorant

As we mentioned earlier, knowing the location of the spike in Valorant can help the defending side win a round. It can signify that enemy might be committing to pushing a bomb site, and it can also make your team rotate much faster.

If you’re having trouble locating the spike in-game, we have here a few tips on how to improve in that regard. With that in mind, we’ll give out a few tips on how to find it whether you’re on the attacking or defending side.

Attacking side

If you’re on the attacking side of your Valorant game, you can always locate the spike by looking at the mini-map. Whether one of your teammates dropped the spike or planted it, we recommend that you always check the map for information.

After planting the spike, your enemies might use their smoke utilities as cover when they defuse. While the mini-map gives you information on where your team planted, it can be difficult to pinpoint its exact location from different angles. As such, we recommend that you ask your team to ping the bomb for you to stop the defuser.

Defending side

As for the defending side, finding the spike can be tricky. By default, the defenders can’t find the spike on the mini-map unless someone on their team sees it on their screen. As such, locating it is valuable information that can help you win the round.

When someone sees the actual spike nearby, whether an enemy holds it or not, you’ll see a red icon on the mini-map. Your allies can also ping it to notify you much faster, especially if you don’t look at the map from time to time.

If the enemy team plants the spike, you’ll hear a beeping sound if you’re nearby. Depending on your position on the map, you can tell where they placed it by listening to the sound cues. For example, if you’re close to a site without hearing any sound, you can know that they planted it on the other side of the map.

To wrap things up

Locating the spike on the defending side can help you win crucial rounds, and eventually, the game. As such, we recommend that you always listen to sound cues and look at the mini-map from time to time.

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