How To Know The Best Professions To Pick On Each Skill In Stardew Valley

Are you still struggling to decide which profession you want to take on each of the skills in Stardew Valley? Do you want a better understanding of what each profession does? You came to the right place because in this guide, we’ll show you what you need to know about each profession.


Stardew Valley succeeds because it seamlessly incorporates elements from other games. While it is primarily a farming simulator, it is also a dating sim and an RPG. It’s because of this that makes it endlessly replayable. There are a lot of choices, options, and possibilities you can explore whenever you play through the game. One of the best examples of this are the professions on each skill.

What are the Professions?

There are five skills in Stardew Valley: Farming, Mining, Foraging, Fishing, and Combat. These are player attributes that level up through the use of specific tools and actions. At Levels 5 and 10, players will be able to select one of two professions they can specialize in. These professions have their own sets and bonuses that can drastically alter your experience. Let’s take a closer look at each skill,their professions, and which of them are the better choices.


This is what you’ll mostly be doing in Stardew Valley. Whenever you do farm activities like harvest crops or care for animals, your farming skill increases.

Level 5 

Once you reach Level 5, you’ll have the option between two professions, Rancher or Tiller. Rancher makes animal products worth 10% more, while Tiller makes crops worth 10% more. While it would make sense that you would choose Rancher if you plan on raising farm animals and making them your primary means of profit, Tiller is the better option primarily because of the upgrades it offers when you reach Level 10.

Level 10

If you chose the Tiller profession, at Level 10 you can choose between Artisan or Agriculturist. Artisan makes artisan goods sell for 40% more, while Agriculturist makes crops grow 10% faster. This is the reason why we recommend choosing Tiller over Rancher even if you want to raise farm animals. The products yielded by your animals are worth more if they’re turned into artisan goods like Mayonnaise or Cheese. By choosing the Tiller profession, you will get the chance to take Artisan and make so much more money than simply selling your animal products as is.

If you chose the Rancher profession, at Level 10 you can choose between Coopmaster or Shepherd. Coopmaster makes your coop animals more friendly, halves the time it takes to incubate eggs, and increases the quality of coop animal products. Shepherd, on the other hand, makes barn animals more friendly, makes Sheep produce wool more quickly, and increases the quality of barn animal products. 


You increase your Mining skill whenever you break rocks. It doesn’t matter how you do it whether it’s by using your Pickaxe, using Bombs, or broken by monsters, as long as you’re breaking rocks, your Mining skill will increase.

Level 5

At Mining Level 5, you can choose between Miner or Geologist. Miner adds +1 Ore in every vein, while Geologist increases the chance for gems to appear in pairs by 50%. Both of them are pretty good choices. Miner is better if you’re early on in the game and you’ll find yourself needing Ores to upgrade your tools. Long term, however, Geologist is the superior choice since more gems means more money.

Level 10

If you chose the Miner profession, you can choose between Blacksmith and Prospector.Blacksmith makes Metal Bars sell for 50% more gold, while Prospector doubles your chance of finding Coal. Prospector is a better choice here since you won’t really be selling your bars. You’ll be using it mostly for crafting. Coals are very important, however, since you’ll need it whenever you want to smelt something.

If you chose the Geologist profession, you can choose between Gemologist and Excavator. Gemologist makes Gems and Minerals worth 30% more, while Excavator doubles your chance of finding geodes. Gemologist is the better option since geodes aren’t all that valuable later on in the game.


Whenever you gather forage items such as Leeks, Mushrooms, or Spring Onions, your Foraging skill increases. Chopping down trees using your Axe will also increase this skill.

Level 5

At Foraging Level 5, you have the option to choose between Forester and Gatherer. Forester lets you get 25% more wood whenever you chop Trees, Stumps, and Logs, while Gatherer gives you a 20% chance to double harvest foraged items. Forester does have its benefits especially if you find yourself short on wood, but Gatherer is better long term. Since Truffles are considered a foraged item, the buff from the Gatherer profession will be useful once you get Pigs.

Level 10

If you chose the Forester profession, you can choose between Lumberjack and Tapper. Lumberjack can make Hardwood drop from any tree when chopped, while Tapper increases the selling price of syrups by 25%. Obviously, Lumberjack is the better choice here since Hardwood is a precious resource and has many uses. Syrups take really long to make and aren’t worth the trouble of selling them for profit.

If you chose the Gatherer profession, you can choose between Botanist and Tracker. Botanist makes every foraged item you gather the highest possible quality, while Tracker reveals the location of all forageable items. Botanist is not only the best choice here, it’s also one of the best professions in the game. Every forageable item you find would be in Iridium quality meaning you can sell it for very high prices or use them to make very valuable products.


Fishing skill is increased whenever you catch something out of a body of water. Fish, algae, trash, whatever you get as long as you catch it using a fishing rod will increase this skill’s level. Using Crab Pots to harvest fish will also work in increasing this skill’s level.

Level 5

At Fishing Level 5, you have the option to choose either Fisher or Trapper. Fisher makes every fish you catch worth 25% more when sold, while Trapper reduces the resources needed to craft Crab Pots. Crab Pots aren’t that hard to make so Fisher makes sense as the better option. Plus, with all the money you make from taking the Fisher profession, you can just buy Crab Pots from Willy’s Fish Shop.

Level 10

If you chose the Fisher profession, you get to choose between Angler and Pirate at Fishing Level 10. Angler makes fish sell for 50% more, while Pirate doubles the chance for you to find treasure while fishing. Both of these are very viable options. It’s worth noting that Angler’s 50% bonus won’t stack with the bonus from Fisher. So we’ll give the slight edge to Pirate. Getting more chances to get treasures like the Prismatic Shard is better than selling your fish for a slightly higher price.

If you chose the Trapper profession, you’ll get to choose between Mariner and Luremaster. Mariner will ensure that Crab Pots will no longer produce junk items like Driftwood, while Luremaster allows Crab Pots to work without using any Bait. Luremaster is the better choice here since you wouldn’t have to waste any Bait every time you use a Crab Pot.


Every time you battle a monster, this skill’s level will increase. 

Level 5

At Combat Level 5, you can choose between Fighter or Scout. Fighter makes all attacks deal 10% more damage and increases your max health by 15, while Scout gives you a 50% extra chance to deal critical strikes. You can’t go wrong with either one of them but Fighter seems like the better choice. The additional damage plus bonus health can go a long way especially early in the game when you’re still trying to clear the Mines.

Level 10

If you chose Fighter at Level 5, you can choose between Brute or Defender at Level 10. Brute gives your attacks a 15% increase in damage, while Defender increases your max health by 25. Defender is the better overall choice since there aren’t many actions or items that can increase your HP in the game.

If you chose Scout at Level 5, you can choose between Acrobat or Desperado. Acrobat reduces the cooldown of special moves by half, while Desperado doubles the damage dealt by critical strikes. Desperado is definitely better than Acrobat since you won’t be relying on your special moves to deal damage anyways. Having reliable damage provided by Desperado can help you kill monsters easier.

Useful Tips

  1. You can alway change your professions. But it’s gonna cost you. Go to the Statue of Uncertainty inside the Sewers and you can offer 10,000g to reset your professions. 
  2. You can change your professions as many times as you want as long as you can afford it. The bonuses won’t apply on what you have on the shipping bin on that day though so, keep that in mind.
  3. Can’t figure out how to unlock the Sewers? We got you covered. Check out our in-depth guide here.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about each profession in Stardew Valley. Be sure to check back with us again for more guides on your favorite games. Have fun!