How To Invite Bots To Discord

Do you want to automate some functions on your server on Discord? Or do you want to add some entertainment or play some music for the other participants? In any case, adding bots to Discord can help you achieve all of that. If you don’t know how to invite them on the platform, follow our quick guide below.


For those who don’t know, bots on Discord are AIs that can help you automate some tasks on your server. Whether if it’s for welcoming new members, banning rude people, or managing your channels, it’s just a fraction of what a bot can do on the platform.

Depending on which bot you choose to use, some of them can play music, show memes, and add other stuff to your server. Aside from that, you can use these bots to improve interaction and participation within a channel or a server.

While you can find these AIs on most servers, not everyone knows how to add one to the platform. With that in mind, we have here a guide that can teach you how to invite bots to your Discord server.

How to add bots to Discord

If you don’t plan to create and use your own bots on Discord, there are a lot of popular bots online that you can use on your servers for free. Having a few key bots can help you automate some functions, while others can add entertainment through games and other features.

So if you’re looking for highly-rated bots online, you can visit and choose from their diverse selection of bots. Once you find one that you want to add, invite the bot over to your server, manage its permissions, and authorize it for your account.

Alternatively, you can add your custom-made bots to your servers with the help of the OAuth2 code. Follow our quick step-by-step guide below to learn how to invite your bots to Discord.

  1. On your browser, open Discord and make sure to sign-in.
  2. Open Discord’s developer portal and navigate to the applications page.

  3. Select the bot that you want to add to your account and access the OAuth2 tab.

  4. Under the Scopes section, click the checkbox beside the “bot” option.

  5. Scroll down and select the permissions that you want to allow the bot to function as you intended.

  6. Once you finish customizing the permissions and scope of your bot, copy the URL, paste it on the search bar of your browser, and press Enter.

  7. Select the server where you want to add the bot, check which permissions to allow, and lastly, authorize adding the bot to your account.

Note: You can only add a bot if you have the rights to “Manage permissions” on a server. If you can’t add bots, try asking permission from the owner.

Once you finish adding a bot, you can now head over to the server and command the bot to perform some tasks. Please take note that each bot can have its own set of commands that may consist of different words or phrases.

If you want to remove a bot from a server, right-click on its name on the list of members and select the kick option. You can also choose to ban instead of kicking, in case you don’t want someone to add the bot again to your server.

How to create your own bot on Discord

If you have a bit of coding knowledge or if you prefer to build a personal bot on Discord, you can create one through the platform’s developer portal. After creating a bot account, you can proceed to use the OAuth2 link to add them to your server.

  1. Using your favorite web browser, visit Discord, and sign-in to your account.
  2. Open Discord’s developer portal to create your bot account.
  3. At the top right side of your screen, click the “New application” button.

  4. Add a name to your bot and click “Create.”

  5. Head over to the Bot tab and click the “Add Bot” button to create a bot user. Click “Yes, do it!” to confirm your decision.

    Note: Once you add a bot user to your app, you can’t remove or undo your decision.
  6. If you plan to share your bot with other users, make sure to set it as a public bot. Lastly, leave the OAuth2 Code Grant unchecked unless you know how to use it properly.

After creating your bot, copy the token that you have to use to log in to your bot account. Remember not to share this with people you don’t trust, as they can use it to log in to your bot and mess up your server.

To sum it all up

Bots are useful AIs on Discord that can help you automate tasks or add some entertainment for the participants on a server. As such, you can find bots on most servers with a lot of members.

To invite your custom-made bot on your server, you have to get the OAuth2 code from the developer portal and enter it on your browser. Once you select the server and permissions, authorize the bot to add it to your server.

That’s all from our guide about inviting bots on Discord. For more tips, tricks, and tutorials from Swipetips, don’t forget to visit us regularly for our latest posts.