How To Invite A Guest To Asana [2021 Guide]

Need to invite a guest into your Asana organization? Client needing a boots-on-the-ground view of whatever you’re working on? It’s very easy to do – and here’s an updated guide to invite a guest to Asana in 2021!


A guest in Asana is a user that does not share the same email domain your organization uses, and has been invited to your Asana organization to work on a specific task, team, or project.

Adding guests to Asana is useful for letting clients, customers, freelancers, or anyone else without the same email address as your teammates to take a peek at your Asana workspace, but with limitations.

Today we’re going to teach you how to add a guest to your Asana organization for 2021.

What Can Guests Do in Asana

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Guests are individuals in Asana that have been invited by organization members to view specific tasks and projects, without sharing the entire Asana workspace.

Guests can add, edit, assign, and follow tasks on Asana Projects, but they do not have permission to delete the Project.

Guests may also add other guests to the Project, which makes working with external teams easier – just invite one person and they’

What Can Asana Guest Access

Asana guests have limited access to tasks and projects, dictated by the organization member that invited them.

  • When a task is shared with a guest, they will only see that task.
  • When a project is shared with a guest, they will only see that project as well as all tasks in said project.
  • When a guest is invited to a Team, they will see all public projects, including tasks, provided they have been added as a team member.
  • Guests cannot create their own Rules but may trigger them.

How To Add a Guest to Asana

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To add a guest to an Asana project, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the “Share” button at the top of the project.
  2. Type in the guest’s email address where it says “Add a person.”
  3. Select “Only this Project (Guest.)
  4. The invited guest will then receive an email informing them of the invite.
  5. Once they’re in, the guest will have access only to the specific Project they are invited to, instead of the entire Asana workspace.

And just like that, you’ve added a guest to Asana! You may add guests to Asana when you want clients, freelancers, or other people to see your progress through Asana.

Should I Add Clients as Guests to Asana?

Providing guests with access to your Asana streamlines communications between your organization and third parties. Rather than waiting for email updates from either end, guests can see and interact with tasks and projects they are assigned to with ease, and provide quick input when needed.

Adding your clients as guests to Asana is a choice that you want to make carefully, however. Some clients prefer to keep their distance from the execution team, while some prefer to micromanage. Weigh your options and see if your client is someone you want to have in your Asana project!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Asana Guest?

An Asana guest is a user that does not share your email domain, but has been invited to your organization to work on a specific Asana project. The guest function is used to provide clients, freelancers, customers, or anyone else with access to a project in your Organization.

What Can an Asana Guest Access?

Asana guests have limited access to the Asana Organization, and can only interact with what is explicitly shared to their email address.

  • They may only see tasks you share.
  • They may only see projects that you share, as well as all tasks within the project.
  • Inviting them to a team will let them see all public projects.
  • Guests may not create Rules, but they can trigger them.

Can Guests See Each Other in an Organization?

Guests will have limited access in the Workspace or Organization they’re invited to. They may only see what is explicitly shared with them by the administrators.

If two people see each other as “Private User” in Asana, they are both guests. This means that these two people are not working in either the same team, or the same project.

Asana has this feature to protect the privacy of guests. If you have clients in the same task, they will not be able to see each other’s names unless you want them to. If both people are assigned to the same project or team, their names will now be displayed for one another.

For Guests to see each other’s name, they must be members of at least one project together. Adding both guests as members to the same project will let them see each other’s names.

Wrap Up

And that is how you add guests to your Azana Organization! If you want a streamlined way of communicating with clients and freelancers, this is the way to go.