How To Install Plugins On Discord

Discord is an amazing free chat service, which allows its users to talk with each other. You can use messages, voice, or video chat for this matter. 

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Hundreds of people use this app for different reasons such as coordinating games; or doing some business. So, as you can see, Discord can be used for any communication matter. One of its amazing features is that you can share your screen with others. 

But one of the things that Discord lacks is customization. You can only choose between dark or light themes, or change the fonts as you like, but no further. Therefore, if you are looking for more customization, follow these steps.

Step 1

Because discord doesn’t have an inbuilt script to install plugins, you must download another program. In this case, we will use better discord. Other programs allow you to customize your interface. For that click in this link 

Step 2

Follow the wizard installation assistant. Once it is installed, Discord will open again automatically. To see if the installation worked, click on user settings.

Step 3

As a comparison, your new user settings should look like this (see the rectangle in green). If not, try to run the installation wizard as an administrator. 

Step 4

Now, you have to choose the plugin that you want. On this page, you’ll find some of the best, and most used, plugins for Discord. Choose the one you like. 

Step 5

To download the plugin, click on its banner and click download. Then you have to open the .zip file.

Step 6

Click on the plugin file and extract it to the plugin folder, which is inside the BetterDiscord folder. There could be several other things inside the .zip, it all depends on the plugin you choose.


If you have trouble to find it, you can click on plugins at the user settings menu. Then click on the open plugin folder option, which is at the top of the app. 

Once there, right-click on the plugin folder and then open in a new window. Copy and paste the plugins files inside this folder. 

Step 7

Get back to the app again, and you’ll see the plugins ready to be activated. If the activation process is successful; a message will appear at the bottom of the app. 

Step 8

To interact with the plugin configuration, press the settings button and, depending on the plugin, there will be different options waiting for you. 

The process is the same, regardless of the plugin that you want. If you grow tired of it, just deactivate it, and that’s it. Also, if you like to add some emotes or a new theme, follow the same procedure; it’s equally simple. 

If you are into coding plugins, you can do so at the Custom CSS. There you can also create themes, emotes, or other routines as you please.

Now you can customize your Discord app as you like, and ad useful tools to enhance your experience.