How To Install Apps On The Firestick

Like any new device these days, the Firestick has limited functionality once it is activated. Therefore, to enhance your experience, and not get bored looking at the pre-install Amazon content, you must download any additional applications.


Not all apps are free. For some, you will have to make a one-time payment, and others require a monthly subscription. However, the installation process is the same for either app.

Don’t worry; as you will see, it is a very simple process. A quick heads up, this device is made for video content reproduction. Hence, the majority of the apps will be video-related. For example, you can download YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and CBS. You can also stream music by downloading an app such as Spotify. 

If you are a big sports fan, you will be able to keep up with the latest sports news installing the app of the channel of your liking. You can also install a web browser and games in your Firestick, just like if it were a PC.

Enough of the chit chat; let’s get down to business. 

Step 1

The Firestick interface allows you to download apps from some sort of “app store”. To find it, you must swing with your remote to the apps section, which is at the end of the top menu. Click on it.

Note: Your Firestick has to be connected to Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you won’t be able to download anything. 

Step 2

Once you are inside the app section, you will find out that all the apps are organized by category. This simplifies everything and speeds up your search. Use the remote to find the app that you want and select it.

Note that the app’s logo will stand out for the rest. If that is the one you like, select it.

Step 3

As you select the app you will be directed to the app overview. There you will have to click on the “get” button. It is usually beneath the app description.

Step 4

As soon as the download finishes, you will be able to use the app. If you want to download anything more, just follow the same steps.

Step 5

If you didn’t find the app that you want, you can search for it. Click on the magnifying glass at the top left corner of the screen. 

Step 6

Once there, you can use the in-built keyboard to type the app name. Alternately, if you don’t know the app name, you can type what it does or what kind of content it streams.

Step 7

As you type the app name, it will start to filter your search. Hence, you may not need to type down all the name. Once you find the app that you like, click on it.

Step 8

After selecting the app that you want, you will be directed to the app page. Now, follow steps 3 and that’s all. 

Now, you know how to personalize your Firestick with the apps of your liking. Bear in mind that some apps are big. Hence, you should consider this if you have a limited internet plan. Happy streaming!