How To Insert Text Boxes And Shapes In Google Docs

It’s amazing how you can do more than writing in Google Docs, it has a lot of features and tools we can use to make content creating to the next level. For instance, we have the tables, charts, bullets, and graphs to use in organizing data and information, the insert and upload button to add images, and the drawing tool to insert shapes and text boxes in our document.


All of these are essential when it comes to accomplishing what we desire or need for a specific piece of article. Plus, the addition of these tools greatly helps with producing unique yet quality documents. For this guide, we will focus on helping you use the drawing tool to your advantage.

Here’s how in just a few simple steps.

Adding Text Boxes

For this part, you’ll know about how to use the drawing tool in adding text boxes to your document.

1. Look for Insert in the menu bar, click “Drawing” and create a new project.

After opening a new or existing Google Docs document, the first you have to do is click “Insert” then the “Drawing” option, and click the “New” button indicated by the plus icon.

2. Click the text box indicated by a “T” symbol.

A pop-up will appear which will serve as your space for drawing. In the toolbar, look for the “T” symbol as it’s the text box that you have to insert.

3. Click Save & Close once done.

Type in everything you need for that, edit a bit, and then make sure to click the blue button that says “Save and Close”.

Adding Different Shapes to Docs

Now, the process for inserting shapes is actually just similar to adding text boxes in Google Docs. Here are the steps you can follow.

1. Open the drawing tool and select shapes beside the text box icon.

On the toolbar of the pop-up after clicking a new project on the drawing tool, click the “Shape” icon which can be found immediately on the left side of the Text box.

2. Choose your preferres shape to use.

Now, choose what kind of shape you want to insert. There is a lot you can choose from and it’s not limited to shapes only because there are options for arrows, callouts, and equations too.

3. Adjust the size or color and save after.

To edit the shape you will be inserting, simply click on it and access the editing buttons in the toolbar as indicated in the picture below. After you’re done, make sure to save and close it.

Be Creative with Google Docs’ Drawing Tool

With this, you may have already realized that the drawing tool in Google Docs is very easy to use, but you can do so much with it. You can even draw a scene, a human, or almost anything you want! However, the problem you will encounter probably lies with adjusting the inserted drawing on your page.

To be able to easily do that, you’d have to be knowledgeable about text wrapping but we won’t cover that in this article. Still, we hope this guide helped you a lot!