How To Insert And Edit Tables In Google Docs The Simple Way

A very essential thing you should always keep in mind when writing essays or articles, in general, is keeping your content coherent and organized. Why? This is to avoid any confusion for the readers when they’re reading your particular piece of writing. Also, it’s because no one would want to read something that’s poorly organized or labeled.


Thus, existing tools such as graphs, charts, bullet points, and tables have then been commonly used in ordering information in your document. If you haven’t used one before, I guess now’s the time to begin learning about them and utilizing them.

For this article, we’ll focus on how you can easily add tables to your Google Docs.

Inserting a Table

1. Open or create a document you wish to add a table to.

Create a new document or if you have an existing one you wish to edit, open it on your Docs.

2. Select the “Insert” button on the menu bar then select the “table” option.

Atop your document page, you can easily access the toolbar and menu bar. Look for the Insert button, click it, and select the “Table” option.

3. Choose how many columns and rows you like to have in your table.

You can add multiple rows and columns to your table, however, note that only a maximum of 20 columns and rows is allowed. 

4. The table will appear in your document. 

To know that you’ve successfully added it to your document, wait for it to show on your page.

Adding or Removing Columns and Rows

1. If the additional row or column can be placed anywhere, right-click on any cell but if you want it next to a specific row or column, right-click on that cell.

You can add a row or column anywhere — either at the beginning, middle, or end of the entire table. If you don’t have any particular place you want your rows and columns to be added to, simply right-click on any cell and wait for the options bar to show. Otherwise, click on a specific cell if you want to add a row or column right next to it.

2. Choose from the options: “Insert column left”, “Insert column right”, “Insert row above”, or “Insert row below”. 

A menu option will pop and from there you can choose where to insert your column or row.

Resizing Columns and Rows

1. Look for the column or row you want to resize then put your cursor on the gridline of the column or row you want to resize then click and drag your mouse until you achieve your desired size. 

If you want to resize a cell in your table, hover your cursor over the gridline of the row or column and simply drag until you achieve your preferred row or column size.

2. A change in size will be visible in the cells you adjusted.

After adjusting, it will immediately reflect on your document page.

In case you want to make all cells both columns and rows the same size, right-click anywhere on the table. After that, select the option “distribute columns” or “distribute rows” depending on which you desire to have the same size on the entire table.


Once you’ve learned about adding a table to your document, everything else will come easy for you. With this guide, you won’t have to worry about managing your tables anymore because we’ve made sure to explain it the way you could simply understand!