How To Hide Your Act Rank In Valorant

Are you ashamed about your previous Act Rank in Valorant? Do you want to hide it from your player card whenever you’re playing competitive matches? If that’s the case, you’ll find our quick guide below handy. We’ll show you how to toggle the option that shows your previous Act Rank on your player card. We’ll also discuss a little bit more about this feature in Valorant.


In Valorant, there is a way for you to showcase your best rank of the previous Act. This feature keeps track of your wins on the highest-rank games you played on the last Act of the game.

Let’s say that you played in the Platinum queue last season. Even if you dropped a few ranks, your previous Act Rank shows your best games, which in this case, is your wins on the Platinum rank.

However, not everyone is fond of showing their previous Act Rank to other players. While some find their former rank embarrassing, others like to keep things mysterious.

With that in mind, here’s a guide on how to hide your Act Rank in Valorant.

How to hide your Act Rank in your competitive matches in Valorant

The Act Rank feature in Valorant allows users to showcase their best games of the previous Act on their player card. It measures your rank and skill on the current Act, and once you finish filling up the triangle by playing games, you can show it on your player card once the next Act starts.

However, other users can still check your current Act Rank when they view your Career in-game. In this way, they can gauge how well you’re playing in the past few weeks or months.

Where can you find the Act Rank?

If you want to check if you’re improving the current Act, first click “Career” from the main menu in-game. After doing so, head to the Act Rank tab.

In this section, you can check how many competitive games you’ve won on the current Act. Once you fill the triangle with games, you can replace your lower-ranked games by winning games with a higher rank. For example, you’ll push out your Silver games on the badge every time you win at Gold and Platinum.

How can you hide the Act Rank on your player card?

By default, your previous Act Rank shows up on your player card if you completed the triangle with competitive games. However, you can hide it if you feel shame about your previous rank or don’t want other people to know about it.

To hide your badge, head to your Act Rank tab on the Career page and uncheck the option at the bottom of the screen. In this way, you won’t show your previous Act Rank whenever you play your competitive games.

If you think that your current Act Rank is good enough, you can toggle this feature again once the next Act starts. Once you do, you’ll show the Act Rank badge on your player card for other users to see.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to hide your Act Rank in Valorant, you can go ahead and play your competitive games without worrying about other players about your previous rank.

However, please note that your friends can check your Career in-game and view your current and previous Act Rank.

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