How To Get The Sum And Average Of Values In Google Sheets

If you’re tasked with computing a lot of data but wish to skip the tedious calculation process, Google Sheets is a platform that can significantly help you with that.

Google Sheets

Whether it’s a simple addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division of many large numbers, they can easily be solved with just a few clicks. Some of the common computations we do are getting the sum and average of a set of numbers. When the sets contain multiple large values, manually solving for the answer may take you a pretty long time.

Thus, you can simply use Google Sheets to solve and make the work easier for you. However, the process can be quite complicated at first, which is why we created this detailed guide to help you.

Getting A Sum

To begin, go to Google Sheets and sign in with your Google credentials. After logging in, choose a spreadsheet that you want to edit. Follow this tutorial to learn how to calculate the sum and average of multiple values in Google Sheets.

First, let’s go over how to calculate a sum. There are two ways to obtain it: enter an equal sign or use the function button.

1. Using the equal sign

In this method, you must first select a cell and place an equal sign on that cell. After that, choose the range of cells that contain the values you want to add up. A dotted borderline should appear around the selected cells. All that remains is to press the ENTER key on your device, automatically adding up the values.

2. Using the function

Using the function button is a more complicated method, but you can try this one if the first one doesn’t work for you. This method will take you only three clicks to complete.

  • 1. Simply select a cell and move your cursor to the location where you want the calculated value to appear.
  • 2. Then, from the toolbar, choose the summation symbol, and a drop-down menu will appear, from which you should select “SUM.”
  • 3. Finally, you’ll see the function “=SUM()” appear in the selected cell, and all you have to do is select the values from your sheet to add, then press ENTER. Make sure the cell addresses you want to include are inside the parenthesis.

Getting an Average

To calculate an average of multiple values, select the cell where you want the estimated value to appear. After selecting a cell, click the summation icon in the toolbar’s upper right corner. This will give you many function options, but you’ll need to select “AVERAGE” and then highlight the range of cells containing the values you want to average.

You’ll see a blue outline around the cells that you selected or highlighted.

Additional Notes

Aside from getting the sum and average of a set of numbers, there are still a lot of computations and calculations you can perform in Google Sheets—even the most complicated ones. Some examples of these are solving for the variance, covariance, standard deviation, subtotal, and almost everything you have or will encounter in mathematic subjects.

There’s a lot of them, and this guide cannot cover everything, but I hope this can help you a lot!