How To Get The Rush Layered Armor For Your Palamute In Monster Hunter Rise

Everyone’s favorite mechanical doggo from Mega Man is back in the most recent Capcom X Monster Hunter Rise collaboration. Here’s how you can get this costume for your Palamute.


Anyone who’s played Megaman knows who his trusty canine companion is and anyone can tell you how awesome Rush is to have by your side. He can transform into a bunch of neat vehicles that can help Megaman in his adventures. Now, you can have the same experience but instead of fighting mechanized monstrosities, you will be heading off to face actual monsters. So, how do you get this layered armor?

What You Need

Starting on September 24, 2021, you can claim the free add-on content called The Blue Bomber’s Best Bud from Senri the Mailman. Once you’ve claimed the quest, you can now accept it through the Quest Counter, if you’re planning on taking it solo, or the Quest Board, if you want to do it multiplayer, at the Gathering Hub under Event Quests

To craft the special layered armor, you need a specific crafting material that can only be received as a reward from this event quest.

The Blue Bomber’s Best Bud

In this special event quest, you are tasked with Hunting a fearsome Zinogre at the Arena. While Zinogres aren’t particularly hard to beat, you may want to be careful as one wrong move could cause you to faint. We would still recommend for you to join up online in multiplayer to help you clear this quest faster to save you time. 

After clearing the quest, you’ll get a bonus quest reward called Dog Bolts which is what you’ll need to craft the Rush layered armor for your Palamute. You’ll need 4 Dog Bolts to forge this layered armor and you’ll get around 1 to 3 every time you do the quest so, you’ll probably need to run it back multiple times.

Once you’ve gathered enough Dog Bolts, just head on to the Buddy Smithy and forge your layered armor. It’s under the Special tab just in case you get confused. You’ll need a few Zinogre Scrap+ as well so just trade some of the materials you got from the Zinogre you’ve hunted. 

Afterwards, you can now have your trusty Palamute dress up as Rush from Megaman! 

There are a few neat features to this layered armor. For instance, whenever you dash on your Palamute while this is equipped, it turns into a full blown jet! Also, pressing ZR+B while riding will eject you off your Palamute’s back using Rush’s Coil like how Megaman does it in the games.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know to get the Rush Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite games. Have fun!