How To Get The Diver Layered Armor In Monster Hunter Rise

The Diver suit is one of the most iconic armor sets in Monster Hunter. It’s sleek, it’s dark, and it kinda makes you look like a superhero. In short, it’s pretty awesome. Here’s how you can get it in Monster Hunter Rise.


Back in 2009, the world was introduced to Monster Hunter Tri, the 3rd installment in the main franchise of Monster Hunter games. It was an amazing game that introduced a bunch of new weapons, mechanics, and monsters, many of which are still being used or make a regular appearance in current Monster Hunter games. One of the best features of Monster Hunter Tri was the ability to engage in underwater combat. There were certain monsters like the Goldbeard Ceadeus that can only be fought under the water. The reception was mixed at best but it certainly was a unique way to fight monsters. While the dev team of the Monster Hunter games haven’t announced whether or not they have plans to include this feature in the next installments, they made sure that we wouldn’t forget by adding the Diver suit as a cosmetic layered armor. 

What You Need

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re at least Hunter Rank (HR) 8 so that you have access to layered armor. Starting on November 26, 2021, you can claim the free add-on event quest called Troubled Waters from Senri the Mailman. Once you’ve claimed the quest, you can now accept it through the Quest Counter, if you’re planning on taking it solo, or the Quest Board, if you want to do it multiplayer, at the Gathering Hub under Event Quests

Like most special event quests and Capcom Collaborations, you’ll need a specific crafting material to craft this special layered armor which you can only receive as a reward from finishing this quest.

Troubled Waters

In this quest, you are tasked with Hunting three monsters at the Infernal Springs. These are the Jyuratodus, Somnacanth, and Mmizutsune. Since you’re getting a Diver suit out of this quest, it’s only fitting that you’ll be facing a bunch of water element monsters despite the obvious lack of water around the locale. While these monsters can be relatively easy to beat on their own, facing three of them in the same quest can be quite difficult. Which is why we would highly recommend taking this quest by joining up online in multiplayer to save you time and resources.

A good tip to keep in mind is to try and use Lightning Element weapons to easily take out these water monsters. Sword and Shield, and Dual Blades in particular are weapons we would recommend that can help you easily clear these monsters. 

Upon clearing the quest, you’ll get a Quest Bonus Reward called Diving Ticket. To unlock the Diver armor, you’ll need 5 Diving Tickets to forge the entire set and you’ll get around 1 to 3 Diving Tickets every time you complete the quest. So, you’ll probably be doing this quest a few times to get everything you need.

Once you’ve gathered the required materials, you can just go ahead and forge the armor from the Smithy. You can see the Diver armor as well as all the other event specific layered armors under the Special tab. 

After you’ve completed everything, you now have the Diver layered armor! We must say, it does look incredibly cool. The best part is that these are individual pieces of layered armor so you can mix and match it with all your other layered armor sets.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know on how to get the Diver Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite games. Have fun!