How To Get The Akuma Layered Armor In Monster Hunter Rise

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could fight monsters with your bare fists? Good thing Monster Hunter Rise came out with a new Capcom Collab Event Quest. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can unlock the new layered armor set so you can play as Akuma from Street Fighter.


Ever since debuting in Super Street Fighter II Turbo back in 1994, Akuma has been a fan favorite. So it comes to no surprise that the character has been featured in several crossovers with other popular video game franchises like Tekken and Mortal Kombat. On its 3rd Capcom Collab, Akuma is finally going to make his first appearance in the Monster Hunter franchise. Starting on August 27, the raging demon will get to test his mettle against the fearsome monsters that Monster Hunter Rise has to offer.

What You Need To Do

First off, you need to be at least HR (Hunter Rank) 8 so that you’ll be able to equip and forge layered armor. Next, you need to claim the event quest from Senri the Mailman. You can find him right in front of Hinoa the Village Quest Maiden. The event quest is called SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam.

Now, you can go ahead and take the quest. Since this is an Event Quest, you need to go to the Quest Counter, if you’re planning on taking it solo, or the Quest Board, if you want to do it multiplayer. Both of these can be located in the Gathering Hub.

SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam

The quest requires you to hunt a Rajang. Since Akuma is a demon, it’s only fitting that the quest to unlock his layered armor set involves the Rajang. If you didn’t know, certain NPCs in Monster Hunter have referred to the Rajang as a demon. Anyone who’s encountered one before on any Monster Hunter game will tell you that this is one of the most difficult monsters you will face. We would recommend that you play with a group through online matchmaking or local co-op so that you’ll have an easier time doing the quest. If you want that Akuma Layered Armor, you’re gonna be retaking this quest a lot of times.

In the quest, you’ll find Two Rajangs in the Shrine Ruins with a randomized third Large monster. You just need to hunt one Rajang but over the course of the quest, you’ll likely find yourself in moments where you’ll need to fight off both Rajangs. As soon as you’ve completed the quest, you’ll receive the Satsui no Hado. In the world of Street Fighter,this is the dark energy force that is the source of Akuma’s power. This is the core item which you’ll need to forge Akuma’s layered armor.

You’ll only need 4 Satsui no Hado to forge the entire set. You’ll get around 1 or 2 each time you complete the event quest. So you’ll need to grind for a little bit before you get all the items you need. Once you’ve collected the required materials, head on over to the Smithy. From there, go to Forge/Upgrade Armor>Forge Layered Armor.

Under the Special tab, you’ll find all the special layered armor sets including the ones you’ll get from other event quests. As soon as you’ve forged it, you’ll finally get to fight monsters as the Great Demon himself.

Useful Tips

1. Rajangs are very fast and hard to kill. They could KO you in an instant if they hit you with any of its attacks. Look out for its Pinning Grab as this move will cause you to faint if not interrupted with a Flash Pod. You should also try your best to dodge its Lightning Beam which it shoots out of its mouth. Basically, try your best not to get hit by any of its moves.

2. Be sure to eat some Dango before you head out on a quest. They’ll give you significant buffs that’ll go a long way in helping you clear the quest. A good dango to always eat is Magnacrisp as it has the dango skill Moxie, which will prevent you from fainting when you’re hit with an attack that deals more damage than your health. 

3. If you equipped any Sword and Shield weapons while wearing the Akuma layered armor, it would look like you’re fighting monsters with your fists. How awesome is that?

So there you have it! Everything you need to know on how to get Akuma’s Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise. Happy hunting!