How To Get Pets In Among Us

Want to know how to get pets in Among Us? Want a tiny crewmate to follow you around as you stab innocent crewmates in the back? It’s very easy to get pets in Among Us; as long as you’re willing to pay!


To get pets in Among Us, you’ll have to purchase them in pet bundles through the in-game store. Currently, there’s no other way to get pets in Among Us. These cost around $1.99 to $2.99 per bundle.

What Does Pet Do in Among Us?

Pets in Among Us are cosmetic items. They are in-game items purchasable by players to add customization options for their crewmate avatars. These pets follow the avatar around the map as they traverse it, never leaving their side. It’s actually super cute, as players may already know, to see a little pet following players around.

Do Pets Make You Better at Among Us

The hard truth is: it doesn’t. Pets do not give you a competitive edge in Among Us. As is the case with all of the game’s cosmetic items, pets enhance the gameplay experience not through any mechanical means but by making your avatar stand out in the crowd.

How to Get Pets in Among Us

To get a pet in Among Us, you’re going to have to join a room and use the laptop in the game lobby. Make sure you have your credit card ready!

Step 1

Open up Among Us. This tutorial will use the Steam PC version of the game, but this tutorial will work on all platforms.

Step 2

Join a game. You can go to a public room, or join a private room with friends.

Step 3

Once you beam into the lobby, head over to the laptop to access the customization menu.

Step 4

Click or tap the “$” icon to head into the shop.

Step 5

This is the “pet shop”, where you can see all the pets currently available for purchase in Among Us. Click on their icons to see how they’ll look like next to your crewmate!

Click the price button when you’ve made your selection. You will then be brought to a payment page to complete your purchase.

Step 6

When you complete your purchase, you’ll be taken over to the Pets tab for the customization screen. Click on your recently purchased pet to equip it.

Step 7

You now have a pet in Among Us! Enjoy as a small sidekick follows you around as you do your tasks.

Pets in Among Us are great. They follow you around and do absolutely nothing, but are left behind if you end up being taken out by an Impostor. At the very least, maybe your Impostor will regret having killed you because now, your pet has no one.

It’s all about the mind games in Among Us.

How to Get Free Pets in Among Us

Pets in Among Us are paid cosmetics, made by the developers to help keep the income flowing. Among Us is a free game on mobile devices and needs to make money somehow, of course!

Currently, there is no way to get free pets in Among Us, at least officially. Outside of a ton of potentially lawsuit-inducing methods that include exploits and straight-up hacking, there’s no way to get free pets or skins in Among Us.

Possible consequences of using these exploits can cause you to get banned from Among Us and potentially lose your account. Innersloth might even introduce IP or hardware bans on users who use these exploits, which means you’ll never get to play Among Us on your device again.

Best Pets in Among Us

This is one of the toughest questions to answer: which pet in Among Us is the best?

In this writer’s humble opinion, the best pet in Among Us is the mini crewmate. There’s just something so demented about having a mini crewmate running around beside you, bearing witness to so much death. Whenever its owner dies, it just sits at where your corpse was found. At the very least, your killer might feel sorry about that!

Otherwise, it all boils down to personal preference. There are 13 pets available for purchase, and each one is cool in its own right. Every pet has its own custom animation that will appeal to many types. Choose which one speaks to you, or just buy the entire set!

Wrap Up

To wrap this up, here’s how you get a pet in Among Us

  1. Enter a game.
  2. Head to the customization screen, accessible through the laptop on the lower right hand side.
  3. Choose the “Pets” tab.
  4. Select and purchase the pet that you want.
  5. Equip your pet.

There’s a lot of pets to choose from, so choose the one that really speaks about who you are as a player!