How To Get Orange Essence In League Of Legends

Did you know that you can get skins and other paid content in League of Legends WITHOUT having to pay for it? In this guide, we’ll show you how you can do just that. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Orange Essence.


With so many games coming out each month, it can be hard for some games to stand out. While League of Legends core audience are still intact, there’s no guarantee that these players will continue playing the game. Luckily, Riot Games thinks a few steps ahead of the competition. To retain their playerbase, they keep their games fresh through constant updates, engaging events, and giving out freebies. 

Anyone playing League of Legends for a while now can tell you that you don’t have to drop a cent of your money to get in-game cosmetics like Champion Skins. Using an in-game currency called Orange Essence, players can unlock paid content simply by playing the game. 

What is Orange Essence?

Orange Essence is one of the main currencies used in League of Legends. Think of it as like free Riot Points. As we all know, you need to spend real money to get Riot Points in the game. Orange Essence is a crafting material used to craft cosmetic shards into permanent cosmetics. These cosmetics can be Skins, Ward Skins, Summoner Icons, and Emotes. So it’s safe to say that Orange Essence is pretty valuable. 

Orange Essence is represented by the orange shard icon and can be viewed on the lower left side of the client under the Loot tab.

What Can You Do With Orange Essence?

Orange Essence can be a bit hard to come by. It’s not as easy to get as Blue Essence. So you better use it wisely. Here are the things you can do with Orange Essence.

Upgrade Skin Shards

This is where you’ll want to use most of your Orange Essence on. Anytime you open a Hextech Chest, a Masterwork Chest, or an Orb, there’s a good chance that you’ll get a Skin Shard. You can consume the skin shard to rent the skin for a set amount of time, or if you have enough Orange Essence, you can permanently unlock the skin for 300 less than its original price.

You can do this by clicking on the skin shard while on the Loot tab and selecting Upgrade to Skin Permanent. You’ll be taken to the crafting screen where you’ll see the costs of upgrading it. If you want to go through with it, just click on Upgrade.

Upgrade Ward Skin Shards

Much like champion skin shards, you can also use your Orange Essence to unlock the Ward Skin Shards that you own.

Upgrade Eternals Set

Eternals are another form of masteries designed to further showcase milestones you’ve achieved with a certain champion. If you main a certain champion, another way to flex how good you are is through the Eternals. You can buy these from the store or just wait until you get eternals from chests and orbs then use your Orange Essence to unlock them.

There’s a lot of things you can do with your Orange Essence, but these are where you’ll most likely be using them. Who doesn’t want free skins, right? As long as you have the shards, you can unlock them using your Orange Essence.

How Do You Get Orange Essence?

Like Blue Essence, you’ll naturally get Orange Essence if you just keep playing the game. But unlike Blue Essence, there are some extra steps you need to go to just to get your Orange Essence. Luckily, there are multiple ways to do this.

The simplest way of getting Orange Essence is to get chests. Now, there are two ways to get chests. The first way costs you money. You can spend 975 RP on the store to buy a Hextech Chest bundle that will give you Orange Essence as a bonus.

The other way is completely free but is a little harder to do. You’ll get a Hextech Chest whenever you or someone from your team earns a grade of S- or higher in a matchmade game. But remember, you can only do this once per champion. So let’s say you played as Jinx in a recent game. You didn’t get a grade of S but one of your teammates did. You’ll automatically get a Hextech Chest in your Loot inventory. The next time you play as Jinx in a matchmade game, you will no longer get a chest whether or not you or someone from your team gets a grade of S- or higher. 

You can actually check which champions you’ve earned a chest on by going to Collection>Champions. Here, you’ll see the champions that you own. You can hover on each of them to see if you’ve acquired a chest using them

A good tip is to grind on the ARAM game mode. It’s a faster paced game mode and it’s easier to earn a better grade here compared to normal or ranked games.

So now that you have your chest, you have to open it using keys. A Hextech Chest has a chance to get you bonus Orange Essence with its drops. 

Another way of getting Orange Essence is to disenchant the shards you get from chests and orbs. While you’ll generally want to keep these shards to unlock them in the future, you can also convert them into Orange Essence. If you don’t plan on owning the skin shard or if you already own the skin on the shard, you can just disenchant them and you’ll get Orange Essence equal to 20% of the skin’s price. The more expensive a skin is, the more essence you’ll get out of it’s shard when you disenchant it.

You can disenchant skin shards, ward skin shards, and eternals. To disenchant a shard just head on to the Loot tab and click on the shard you want to convert into Orange Essence.

So there you have it! That’s all you need to know about getting Orange Essence in League of Legends. Have fun and see you on the Rift!