How To Get Highlights Hood In Roblox

Do you want more clothing for your avatar on Roblox? Are you wondering how you can add the Highlights Hood cosmetic on the platform? Either way, we’re here to help you. We’ll answer all of your questions with our quick guide below.


In Roblox, players can customize their avatar by wearing different clothing, accessories, and other cosmetics. Whether you want you to look cool or cute to other users, it’s all up to you.

While there are free items you can obtain on the Avatar Shop, they aren’t the best looking, coolest, or cutest. In addition, the best cosmetics on the platform usually cost you Robux or real money.

Fortunately, Roblox also provides free items from time to time. They usually give out promotional codes during events or important occasions. One of their previous giveaways is the Highlights Hood hat which was published back in 2020.

With that in mind, is it possible to redeem the Highlights Hood item in 2021? In addition to that, you might be wondering where you can find the latest events and giveaways on Roblox.

How can I redeem the Highlights Hood hat in Roblox?

Roblox published the Highlights Hood cosmetic on the Avatar Shop on Feb 10, 2020. It is released to celebrate Roblox for reaching one million followers on Instagram.

Unfortunately, you missed the chance to redeem the code for the item on Roblox. If you tried to enter “FASHIONFOX” on the promo code redemption page, you’ll receive an invalid result instead of getting the goods.

Where can I get the latest promo codes in Roblox?

Since you missed the time to redeem the Highlights Hood item in Roblox, you might not want to miss out on another freebie. As such, we recommend that you keep updated on the latest events and giveaways on the app.

You can follow Roblox on Twitter and Instagram for their latest news, events, and giveaways. Aside from these social media accounts, you can also visit the events section of Roblox’s blog.

How to redeem promo codes in Roblox

If you have a couple of promotional codes from events and giveaways, you can redeem them on Roblox to receive a free item. Follow our step-by-step tutorial below to learn how.

  1. Using your favorite web browser, visit Roblox and make sure to sign-in with your account.
  2. Go to the code redemption page.
  3. Enter your code on the appropriate box and click Redeem.

If you got the code right, a green notification tells you that you successfully redeemed the item. On the other hand, if the one you used has expired or wrong, you’ll see an invalid result.

Please remember that these promo codes are only active for a short amount of time. Make sure to enter them right away to avoid missing out on free items.

To wrap it all up

Unfortunately, you can’t redeem or get the Highlights Hood in Roblox in 2021. Since some promotional codes are only active for a short amount of time, you missed out on the opportunity to get this free item for your avatar.

If you don’t want to miss out on giveaways and free items in the future, follow Roblox on their social media pages such as Twitter and Instagram. Aside from that, you can also visit their events page regularly for the latest news and new promotional codes.

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