How To Get Hardwood In Stardew Valley

Are you at a point in the game where you have recipes that need Hardwood but can’t seem to find any? If you said yes, then we’re here to help you out. In this guide, we’ll show you the best ways on how you can get your hands on some Hardwood in Stardew Valley.


What is Hardwood?

Like its name suggests, Hardwood is a sturdier version of the regular Wood you get whenever you chop off trees in Stardew Valley. The main difference is that Hardwood is used to craft certain items and upgrades that normal wood can’t cover. It is a very valuable resource and it wouldn’t hurt to have a steady supply.

What Can You Do With Hardwood?

Like we’ve mentioned before, Hardwood has a LOT of uses. It’s a key ingredient in crafting recipes that are used to make tools that will make your farming life a whole lot easier. 

Here are some useful items that require Hardwood:

  1. Cheese Press – You can use this to turn Milk into Cheese. Requirements: Hardwood (10) Wood (45) Stone (45) Copper Bar (1).
  2. Oil Maker – This is an Artisan Equipment used to make Artisan Goods like Oil and Truffle Oil. Truffle Oil can be sold for a high price. Requirements: Hardwood (20) Slime (50) Gold Bar (1).
  3. Cask – Another Artisan Equipment. You can use this to age products like Beer, Cheese, and Wine to further increase their value. Requirements: Hardwood (1) Wood (20).
  4. Mini-Obelisk – You can use this item to warp to certain places in your farm in Stardew Valley. You can use it on Ginger Island. It’s very useful for getting around your farm quickly and more efficiently. Requirements: Hardwood (30) Solar Essence (20) Gold Bar (3).
  5. Hardwood Fence – The best kind of fence in the game. It has the highest durability and can last you from 558 to 562 days. Requirements: Hardwood (1).

Apart from those useful items, you’ll also need a bunch of hardwood to upgrade your Farmhouse for the second time. This upgrade will allow you to have a family by adding another room with two beds and a crib. If you want to keep and ride a horse, you’ll be using Hardwood to make a Stable.

It doesn’t end there. You’ll also need 10 Hardwood to complete the Construction Bundle in the Crafts Room of the Community Center. Certain quests in the game also need you to give up some Hardwood. Usually, it’s Robin who gives these kinds of quests and she’ll reward you with Gold and the Deluxe Red Double Bed Recipe.

Basically, you’ll need a lot of Hardwood once you get far into the game. 

Where Do You Get Hardwood?

You get hardwood similar to how you get normal wood: by chopping trees. Of course, Hardwood wouldn’t be as valuable if you could just get it from any ol’ tree. The best ways to get Hardwood is through Mahogany Trees, Large Stumps, and Large Logs.

Mahogany Trees

This is one of the easier ways to get Hardwood. Mahogany Trees can be chopped down using a normal axe. If you find yourself in a shortage of these trees, you can always plant Mahogany Seeds, which you can get by shaking down Mahogany Trees, chopping down Large Stumps, and in some cases, loot from killing monsters. You can also visit the Island Trader and trade a Stingray for one Mahogany seed.

Large Logs

Large Logs yield a lot of Hardwood. But to chop it down, you’ll need to upgrade your axe to a Steel Axe. You can cut it down unless you have a Steel Axe or else you’ll just be wasting your stamina. 

Large Stumps

When you’re first starting out on your farm, you’ll notice large tree stumps that you can’t chop down using your normal axe. These stumps are harder than regular trees because they’re made of Hardwood. To chop these things down, you’ll need to upgrade your axe to at least a Copper Axe. A good place to farm these Large Stumps for Hardwood is the Secret Forest located in the Northeast section of the Cindersap Forest. Before you can access this area, you need to have a Steel Axe to cut down the Large Log blocking the entrance. You’ll find 6 Large Stumps here that respawn every day. Just watch out for Slimes.

There are other ways but these three options are the most reliable and can get you a decent amount of Hardwood.

Useful Tips

  1. Robin is a carpenter so it makes sense that she is the only person in the entire game that likes Hardwood. Don’t bother giving it to the other residents.
  2. If you have the Lumberjack profession, you’ll get a chance to receive hardwood whenever you chop down any tree. 
  3. You can also get some Hardwood from destroying crates and barrels you’ll find at the mines.
  4. There will be Large Stumps and Large Logs lying around your farm when you start the game. Keep in mind that once you cut these down, they will no longer respawn.

So there you have it! That’s all there is to know about getting Hardwood in Stardew Valley. We hope this guide helps! Have fun!