How To Get Gold In Spellbreak

Wondering how to get gold in Spellbreak? Spellbreak, the free-to-play, magic-based battle royale game that features a premium currency called “Gold.” Players can use Gold to buy cosmetic items to set their characters apart from the rest. But how exactly do you get gold in Spellbreak?


To get gold in Spellbreak, you can get it for free through leveling up, or pay for it through microtransactions. As Spellbreak is a free-to-play game, gaining premium currency is not only not easy, but also limited.

How to Get Gold in Spellbreak

Spellbreak is a free-to-play battle royale game that was released under early access last September. It’s a unique take on the genre, where instead of guns and explosives doing the damage, players get to use powerful spells and artifacts to knock each other out of the game.

Spellbreak, like all major free-to-play titles, features a premium currency that players can use to purchase in-game cosmetics. These cosmetics do not give players any competitive edge but do make their characters look so much cooler than the default skins.

There are a few ways to get gold in Spellbreak, all but one being paid methods.

Method 1: Leveling Up your Mage Level

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In Spellbreak, you can get gold for free by leveling up. Spellbreak features a leveling system, not unlike Apex Legends. After every match, depending on your performance, you will be given an EXP rating that adds to your total. Whenever you reach a certain EXP threshold, you level up. Every time you level up, you gain 50 gold.

It isn’t ideal, and you only get to do it a limited amount of times since there is a level cap – therefore, there’s a cap on how much gold you can get for free.

Method 2: Elemental Focus

Whenever you start a round in Spellbreak, you get to choose your class, which dictates the school of magic you begin a round with. And then, later on in the game, you get to choose another class to join – which is where the interesting magic booms come in.

There are six classes to choose from:

  • Pyromancer
  • Stoneshaper
  • Toxicologist
  • Frostborn
  • Conduit
  • Tempest

Each of these have their own levels and will give you gold whenever you reach a new milestone with them.

These magic schools progress differently from your Mage Level, but use the same experience points you get when you win. The better your performance, the higher your EXP gain.

You gain EXP towards the classes you use. Each class can go up to level 50. There are six classes in total, and each time you level one of these classes up, you earn 50 gold. These two methods, so far, are the only way to get gold in Spellbreak without microtransactions.

Method 3: Purchasing the Spellbreak Starter Pack

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The Spellbreak Starter Pack is a great way to get yourself on the right track when you’re starting out in Spellbreak. It provides players with 600 Gold to start, as well as a premium outfit: the Bewitching Glimmer Outfit.

It only costs $1.99, which is a pretty good deal. If you want to hit the ground running in Spellbreak the moment you step out, get one of these. It is one of the cheapest ways to get gold in Spellbreak, but unfortunately, you can only do this once with every new account.

Method 4: Purchase the Spellbreak Founder Packs

Spellbreak, while free-to-play, does come with the option to purchase it through its bundles. They are completely optional, but they do give players a hefty amount of gold, to begin with. You don’t have to buy them but they include a lot of cool extras that give you a cosmetic edge on your matches.

The higher you go with the bundles, the better the rewards. The bundles are as follows:

  • Starter Pack ($1.99) – Includes 600 Gold and the Bewitching Glimmer Outfit
  • Spellbreak Mage Pack ($49.99) – Includes 3,500 Gold, Patchwork Outfit, and Mage Badge
  • Spellbreak Battlemage Pack ($79.99) – Includes 6,000 Gold, Bughunter Outfit, Patchwork Outfit, Battlemage Badge, and Mage Badge
  • Spellbreak Master Pack ($119.99) – Includes 15,000 Gold, Keymaster Outfit, Bughunter Outfit, Patchwork Outfit, Master Badge, Battlemage Badge, and Mage Badge

You get not only gold but a ton of freebies too with the Spellbreak bundles. You may purchase these bundles at any stage of your game, whether you’re just starting out or level 50.

Method 5: Buy Spellbreak Gold

The easiest, and in fact best way to get Spellbreak gold is to purchase it directly through the game. Spellbreak gold prices depend on the amount. Here they are:

  • 1,000 Spellbreak Gold ($9.99)
  • 2,500 Spellbreak Gold, +300 bonus Gold ($24.99)
  • 4,000 Spellbreak Gold, +1000 bonus Gold ($39.99)
  • 10,000 Spellbreak Gold, +3,500 bonus Gold ($99.99)

As with the bundles, the higher you go, the more Gold you get.

Wrap Up

To wrap up this guide, here are the best ways to get Spellbreak Gold:

  1. Level up your Mage Level to get 50 gold per level.
  2. Level up your Elemental Focus to get 50 gold per milestone.
  3. Purchase the Spellbreak Starter Pack.
  4. Purchase the Spellbreak Bundles.
  5. Purchase Spellbreak Gold directly.

Spellbreak is a pretty fun game in itself, and you don’t need to spend any money to enjoy it. However, if you want to deck out your character in-game to flex on lesser beings, purchasing Spellbreak gold to get cosmetics is the best way to do it.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and good luck on your Spellbreak journey!