How To Get Fossils In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl

Fossil Pokémon are remnants of the past and have been around ever since the first generation of Pokémon games. Here’s everything you need to know to get your hands on some prehistoric Pokémon.


What are Fossils?

Fossils in Pokémon are essentially the same thing as they are in real life: remains of an ancient creature. However, unlike their real life counterparts, Fossils in Pokémon can actually be resurrected and you’ll find yourself in possession of an ancient Pokémon. 

How do you get Fossils?

Obtaining fossils is usually part of the main storyline and is weaved in as a sort of subquest that you need to complete in order to proceed. However, in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the way to get fossils have completely changed. The only way you can get fossils in the Gen IV remakes is through excavating in the Grand Underground. You’ll have to dig through walls by playing a mini game where you’ll tap along the wall using a Pickaxe or Hammer and look for the treasure underneath. Each tap will reduce the wall’s structural integrity so you have to be mindful about which parts you tap before the wall completely collapses. 

There are a total of 7 fossils you can get in the game. Two of which are version exclusives and the rest will only be unlocked once you have access to the National Dex. Here are each of the fossils and the Pokémon you can get once you revive it:

  • Skull Fossil (Brilliant Diamond exclusive) – Cranidos
  • Armor Fossil (Shining Pearl exclusive) – Shieldon
  • Claw Fossil Anorith 
  • Root Fossil Lileep
  • Helix Fossil Omanyte
  • Dome Fossil Kabuto
  • Old AmberAerodactyl

To access the Grand Underground, you must first acquire the Explorer Kit from Underground Man in Eterna City. His house is pretty hard to miss considering he lives right next to the Pokémon Center. 

How do you revive Fossils?

Reviving fossils is a very easy process. All you have to do is to head on to the Mining Museum in Oreburgh City. Talk to the man at the reception desk and he’ll gladly take your fossils to revive it. He’ll ask you to wait for a while and you can use this time to look around the museum or do another task entirely. Chances are, when you get back, your fossil Pokémon will be revived and ready to join your team.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about how you can get fossils in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite games. Have fun!