How To Get A Fishing Rod In My Time At Portia

Can’t figure out how to get a fishing rod in My Time at Portia? Here’s how you can do it.


It would be almost a year since the sequel to the critically acclaimed role playing simulation game, My Time at Portia has been announced. Now’s the perfect time for new and returning players to pick up this game and revisit Portia before we get to Sandrock. 

What is a Fishing Rod?

The fishing rod is, plain and simple, the tool you use to catch fish. Fishing isn’t exactly the focus in a game like My Time at Portia but you’ll find it to be one of the more important aspects of the game. You’ll need to fish to get materials you need to craft certain items and sometimes, the residents of Portia will give you a quest that requires you to fish. Not to mention, fishing can be a decent source of income if you know how to manage your resources right. So how do you make a fishing rod?

What you need

To craft a beginner’s fishing rod, you’ll need the following: 15 Wood, 2 Wild Cocoon, and 1 Copper Bar. Since you’ll be using your Level 1 Worktable to craft the fishing rod, you can go ahead and access it to view what exactly you’ll need. 

All these items are relatively easy to obtain. You’ll also see from the Worktable where you can get each item. To get Wood, you can either gather it from piles of branches or from small trees and shrubs you can cut down using your Simple Axe. 

To get Wild Cocoons, you can just kick very large trees. There are three trees that you can kick near your home along the walls of the city proper. 

Just keep kicking these trees and you’ll eventually get enough Wild Cocoons to use for the Fishing Rod. 

As for the Copper Bar, you’ll need to gather 3 Copper Ores to make 1 Copper Bar. You can get these by smashing small rocks using your Pickaxe. There are enough rocks you can smash that’ll yield Copper Ores around your home. Then you’ll use your Stone Furnace to craft the Copper Bar. It’ll take 2h30m of in-game time before the Copper Bar is ready. 

Overall, we’ll advise that you’ll need about 50 Wood, 4 Wild Cocoons, and 6 Copper Ores. This is because you’ll have a quest that requires you to submit a Beginner’s Fishing Rod which we’ll talk about later on. 

Making the Fishing Rod

Once you’ve gathered all the materials, simply go into your Worktable and hit craft while on the Beginner’s Fishing Rod. And you’re set! You now have a Beginner’s Fishing Rod.

Qiwa’s Request

At some point early on in the game, you’ll meet Qiwa, a fisherman and the 7th of the identical Hulu Brothers. He’ll tell you that he loves to fish but he broke his fishing rod yesterday.

Once you’ve given him a Beginner’s Fishing Rod, he’ll thank you and reward you with 10 Caterpillars which you’ll need to use as bait when fishing. You’ll also receive +10 Relationship Points with him, 200 Experience Points, and 20 Gols.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know to get a Fishing Rod in My Time at Portia. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite video games. Have fun!