How To Get A Battery Pack In Stardew Valley

Looking for a way to get Battery Packs in Stardew Valley? We got you covered. In this guide, we’ll show you all the best ways to get this item in the game.


Stardew Valley is a surprisingly realistic game. Despite having all these magical and fantastical elements, it still manages to incorporate how things work in real life. Battery Packs are a prime example of this. 

What are Battery Packs?

Much like in real life, Battery Packs are used to power certain objects. It’s a resource item that has a variety of uses. If you want to have items like lamp posts and a mini-jukebox, you’ll need a battery pack to make them work. Some quests in the game would also require this item to complete them. So it’s safe to say that you’ll need a bunch of Battery Packs and knowing where to get them will go a long way.

Uses of a Battery Pack

You’ll mostly be using Battery Packs for crafting handy items that can increase the efficiency and profitability of your farm. Plus, you can use the Mini-Jukebox to play your favorite tunes. That’s always a plus one in our book.

Here are the items you can craft using the battery pack:

Iridium Sprinkler

Tired of having to manually water your crops every day? Is your regular old sprinkler just ain’t cutting it anymore? Behold, the Iridium Sprinkler. This item will water 24 adjacent tiles in your farm every morning. That’s a lot compared to a normal sprinkler’s 8 adjacent tiles. You can craft it with 1 Battery Pack, 1 Gold Bar, and 1 Iridium Bar. You’ll automatically get the recipe for this item as soon as you reach Farming level 9. 


Don’t you ever just wish you have a magic copier that will make copies of whatever you put in it? While it doesn’t make copies of whatever item you put in it, the Crystalarium is the closest you can get. This item will replicate any Gem, Foraged Mineral, or Geode Mineral you insert in it. So technically, you’ll have unlimited minerals which you can sell for very high prices. With this item, you’ll be swimming in gold in no time. You can craft it with 1 Battery Pack, 99 Stones, 5 Gold Bars, and 2 Iridium Bars. You’ll automatically get the recipe for this item as soon as you reach Mining level 9. 

Slime Egg-Press

Have too many Slimes and don’t know what to do with it? The Slime Egg-Press is the answer to your problems. Like the miracle of science that it is, it will turn 100 Slimes into a randomly colored Slime Egg.  Now you can sell these precious slime eggs for a hefty price, but you can also use it to raise your own slimes. These cute lil monsters will only hatch from their egg if you placed it inside a Slime Incubator. You can craft this item with 1 Battery Pack, 25 Coal, and 1 Fire Quartz. You’ll automatically get the recipe for this item as soon as you reach Combat level 6. 

Wood and Iron Lamp-posts

Feel like having a little mood lighting around your farm? These lamp posts not only provide a good amount of light, they also make your farm look classier. Not to mention, it’ll make your farm look like Victorian-era London.

Okay maybe not Victorian-era London. But it does turn your humble farm land into something more stylish. You can craft a Wood Lamp-post with 1 Battery Pack, and 50 Wood  and an Iron Lamp-post with 1 Battery Pack, and 1 Iron Bar. You can buy both recipes from Robin for 500g and 1,000g, respectively.


Don’t you ever just feel like hearing the different Stardew Valley tunes on demand anywhere in your farm? This item isn’t quite like Spotify but it sure does the job. It works the same way the Saloon Jukebox does except you can place it anywhere you want.  You can craft it with 1 Battery Pack, and 2 Iron Bars. You’ll automatically get the recipe for this item after triggering the 5-heart event with Gus.

Farm Computer

Looking for a way to view all your favorite Stardew Valley guides from SwipeTips while playing in the game? Well, this item isn’t quite that but it’ll also give you valuable information about your farm. Information like how many pieces of hay you have left, or how many total crops you have planted. It’ll even tell you which of your crops are unwatered. If that’s not useful, we don’t know what is. You can craft this item with 1 Battery Pack, 1 Dwarf Gadget, and 10 Refined Quartz. You’ll get the recipe for this item when you complete Demetrius’ Special Order quest.

Aside from all these useful farm items, you can also give out Battery Packs as a gift. However, everyone in Stardew Valley actually dislikes this item. I mean with all its uses, how can you hate battery packs? Only one villager in the entire game will appreciate the thought of receiving a battery pack as a gift, Maru. It’s not surprising since she’s into gadgets and technology. So if you want to have a better relationship with her or maybe even marry her, send her those battery packs.

There are also 3 major quests in the game that will require battery packs. These quests are The Mysterious Qi, Pam Needs Juice, and Willy’s Boat. Upon completion, you’ll unlock even more content in the game. Keep some Battery Packs around so you’ll easily finish these quests.

The Battery Pack is also used to complete the Engineer’s Bundle at the Community Center in the Boiler Room.

Where Do I Get Battery Packs?

Now that you know all the uses of a battery pack, we bet you’re just rarin’ to pick up the game and get one for yourself. Despite being a valuable resource, it’s surprisingly easy to obtain one. The surest way to get battery packs is by using a Lightning Rod or a Solar Panel.

Lightning Rod

Whenever it storms in Stardew Valley, you’ll see evident flashes of lightning. So if you’re wondering if there’s a way to harness this electricity the answer is yes. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your battery pack just yet. If you leave Lightning Rods outside whenever it storms, it will help protect your trees and crops from being damaged by lightning. The next day, you can check your rods and you’ll notice that some of them are pulsating almost as if it’s emanating energy. This means that these rods are charged. Once you interact with them, you’ll receive a Battery Pack. 

You’ll get the recipe for a Lightning Rod after attaining Foraging Level 6. You can craft this item with 1 Iron Bar, 1 Refined Quartz, and 5 Bat Wings. Apparently, bat wings are good conductors in Stardew Valley. 

You’ll also get a Lightning Rod as a reward for completing the 10,000g Bundle in the Vault at the Community Center.

Solar Panel

This is a better way of guaranteeing you’ll receive a battery pack. Although it will take a bit of time. A Solar Panel is a piece of refining equipment that’ll produce a battery pack after 7 sunny days. So it won’t work when it’s raining. This item was only recently added to the game in update 1.5. You can get its recipe after completing Caroline’s Special Order. You can craft it using 10 Refined Quartz, 5 Iron Bars, and 5 Gold Bars. 

Other Methods

While Lightning Rods and Solar Panels are the best ways to get Battery Packs, they’re also obtainable from other sources. You can get a battery pack by completing the Children’s Bundle in the Community Center. If you’re lucky, it can be dropped as loot from breaking crates and boxes in the Skull Cavern or from killing Iridium Bats. The Traveling Cart also sells battery packs sometimes for around 1,500g to 2,000g. Lastly, Kent or Pam will sometimes send you a Battery Pack in the mail, if your friendship with them is high enough.

Fun Facts

  1. You can place a battery pack on the spool of a Sewing Machine and it’ll produce a shirt with the same color and pattern as a battery pack.
  2. Robin doesn’t seem to think that battery packs are all that valuable. When you sell them to her, she’ll only pay you 500g. Talk about lowballing, right?
  3. There’s only a 5% chance that you’ll get a battery pack from killing Iridium Bats.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know about battery packs, all in one handy guide. We hope you found this guide useful and informative. Have fun!