How To Generate A Meeting Code For A Google Meet

Nowadays, since a lot of people are working from home, video conferencing apps are getting even more popular. While some of these platforms use invitations for you to join a meeting, others require you to create an account. In Google Meet, as long as you have an account, you can use meeting codes to join video access video conferences. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to generate these codes and how to use them.


Formerly available to G-Suite enterprise users only, Meet is now accessible for everyone with a personal Google account for free. As a result, a lot more people are using the platform to talk with their friends, family, and workmates online.

To invite people to your video conferences, you can use the codes that Meet generates once you start or schedule a meeting. These string of characters are unique and randomly generated by Google Meet.

You can add these codes to the end of a meeting link or on the Meet platform to join meetings. If you’re not familiar with Meet and you’re wondering how to create and use new meeting codes, check our guide below.

How to generate meeting codes in Google Meet

There are a couple of ways to generate a meeting code on the Meet platform. You can choose whether to start a meeting instantly, get a sharable link, or schedule it on Google Calendar.

Generate a sharable link on the platform

In this part of our guide, we’ll focus more on how to get the sharable link. Follow these steps below to generate the meeting code on Meet.

On your computer:

  1. Visit Google Meet using your favorite web browser.
  2. Click “New Meeting.”

  3. From the options, select “Get a meeting link to share.”

  4. At the end of the link, you’ll see the meeting code of the video conference. You can send it to other people so that they can join your meeting directly.

On your smartphone:

  1. Open the Google Meet mobile app.
  2. Tap “New meeting” > “Get a meeting link to share.”
  3. At the end of the new sharable link, you’ll find the meeting code.

Take note that every time you get a new sharable link, Meet automatically generates a unique meeting code.

Schedule a video conference event using Google Calendar

You can also generate meeting codes when you schedule a meeting through the Google Calendar. Once you add the Meet video conferencing feature to an event, a random meeting code gets generated.

On your computer:

  1. Using your favorite browser, visit Google Calendar.
  2. Select on any vacant time on the calendar or click the “Create” icon to schedule a new event.

  3. Fill up the title, date, time, and other details and click the “Add Google meet video conferencing” button.

  4. You can find the meeting code on the event details just below the invitation list. This code is available for future use, even if you don’t save the event.

Start a meeting instantly

You can also start a meeting instantly to generate the meeting code. While you can do this on the Meet on your web browser or app, you can do it on your Gmail as well.

Here’s how to do it from Gmail:

  1. Open Gmail on your browser and sign-in to your account.
  2. Under the Meet section on the main menu, click “Start a meeting.”

  3. On the video conference window, you can find the meeting code just above the “Join now” and “Present” buttons.

While anyone can reuse these meeting links and codes for their video conferences in the future, remember that these codes expire if left unused for three months.

How to use meeting codes in Google Meet

After generating a code, you can send it to other meeting participants so that they can access the meeting. While you can add these codes at the end of a meeting link, you can also copy and paste it on the Meet platform to join the conference directly.

If you’re using a computer, open Google Meet on your web browser and type or paste the code on the field. Once you’re ready for the meeting, click the “Join” button.

On the Google Meet app, click “Join with a code,” type or paste the code on the field, and click Join at the top left of the screen.


Now that you know how to generate meeting codes on Google Meet, you can start using them to invite other people to your meetings. In addition, you can save and use them to join the meetings that you created.

While everyone can reuse these use these unique codes for their future video conferences, take note that they don’t last forever if left untouched. In any case, you can always start a new meeting and generate a new one.

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