How To Free Up Space On The Firestick

Your Fire Stick typically has 5.57 GB of available storage space, so you will be confronted with “Storage Full” notification very soon. You may find this notification stressful, but you have no choice. You don’t want to miss your favorite shows and you don’t want to forget the title of the movie you haven’t finished watching. Not only that, you will notice that your Fire Stick performs slower than before. This problem will just add up to your stress. 


How to Increase Your Fire Stick Storage

If you don’t want that to happen, then make sure to free up your space on Fire Stick. Here are the ways to do that:

  1. Uninstall unused apps.

There are many apps already installed on your Fire Stick. If you are not using these apps, it’s time for you to uninstall these. For instance, if you are using Fire Stick as your downloader-box, you no longer need Kodi. Kodi consumes about 800 MB, so uninstalling it can give you more space. 

  1. Use “Clean Master” app

Fire Stick usually has free “Clean Master” app. But if it is not installed in your Fire Stick, you might want to have it to clean your device. This app can help you clean your Cache, Memory, leftover APK files, and Residual files. Cleaning your device from time to time can free up space. You may not notice it, but your Fire Stick might be running some applications that are not even used on your device. 

  1. Clear App Data

Make sure that aside from uninstalling unused applications, you also cleared the app’s data. Some apps still consume memory even if it was already uninstalled. This is because there are still data left in your device. Cleaning your device entirely can free up a huge space on your Fire Stick. 

Now that you already have more available space, you can now use your Fire Stick efficiently. You will know that it has more storage space if it has good performance. Having more space makes you navigate the menu smoothly. 

How to Check Storage on Fire Stick

It can launch your app quickly. If you want to check your Fire Stick Disk Space, follow the steps below. 

  1. Open your Fire TV home screen and look for “Settings.”
  2. Search for “Device,” then select. 
  3. Under “About,” scroll down and look for “Storage,” then select. 
  4. You will then see the “Internal Space” of your Fire Stick. 


To maintain the utmost performance of your Fire Stick, check from time to time its internal storage. If the available space is less than 500 MB, its performance is usually affected. Anyway, the Fire TV OS gives a warning about the available storage of your Fire Stick. It may also direct you to clear your storage space. 

In order to avoid your Fire Stick to bog down, always be aware of your storage space. Before it is down to 500 MB, clear files, clean apps, and delete apps that are not useful. Just follow the easy steps above.