How To Fix Discord’s Update Loop Bug

Discord is a very stable program that just gets on with its job of providing voice and text chat. One of the few recurring errors the application does suffer from is an update loop on Windows computers. This tutorial will show you a couple of ways to fix Discord’s update loop bug.


Update loops are nothing new in Windows. It happens to games, to Windows applications and with some Windows Updates themselves. The reasons are many but usually comes down to overeager antivirus or corrupted update data. Both of these can be overcome with a little work. It’s not ideal and it will take a little troubleshooting but we can have you up and chatting again in no time!

Discord’s update loop bug

I have seen both types of update bug first hand. One was down to an overenthusiastic antivirus and one down to corrupted data. The antivirus blocked the update somehow even though it recognized Discord as a trusted app and I had to restart the update with antivirus off to complete it. The other time, I had to delete the update file and restart it to complete.

Both are straightforward to do but I’ll include other troubleshooting steps as well to be sure. Try one or all of these fixes to get Discord updated and working again.

Reboot your computer

Occasionally, an update process can be locked for any number of reasons. A reboot will flush memory, drop any partial data not written to disk and restart the Discord update process. Rebooting should be the first thing you try if you see the update loop bug. Once your computer boots again, retry the update and see what happens.

If it gets stuck again, try the next step.

Run Discord as an administrator

Discord doesn’t usually need admin privileges to run but it’s worth trying during an update. I have seen a few people on Reddit say this has worked for them so it’s worth trying. It’s also the least invasive after a reboot so is definitely worth a go.

  1. Make sure there is no Discord process running in Task Manager.
  2. Right click the Discord icon on your desktop and select Run as Administrator.
  3. Allow Discord to update as usual.

If discord update now works, that implies a permissions issue between the Discord update process and your Windows account. That shouldn’t actually happen but obviously does. If this works, great. If it doesn’t, move on to the next step.

Disable your antivirus

I don’t usually recommend disabling your antivirus for any reason but Discord is a trusted application so you should be fine as long as you only disable it temporarily. Most antivirus programs will have the option to temporarily disable it for a given period of time. Do this and then try to update Discord.

  1. Select the Windows notification tray.
  2. Right click your antivirus and select the main antivirus process.
  3. Select to disable for the shortest period of time available.
  4. Re-run the Discord update to see if it completes.
  5. Turn your antivirus back on once finished.

If Discord updates, you’re all done and ready to go. If the update still failed, make sure your antivirus is running and move on to the next step.

Delete temporary download files

This is an official fix from Discord that has worked for me in the past. It deletes local files and requires you reinstall Discord but is usually very effective at curing the update loop. As reinstalling the application is usually the next step in any troubleshooting exercise, it’s the logical thing to try.

  1. Press Windows Key + R to bring up the run dialog box.
  2. Type or paste ‘%appdata%’ into the box and hit Enter.
  3. Delete the Discord folder from the directory.
  4. Press Windows Key + R to bring up the run dialog box again.
  5. Type or paste ‘%localappdata%’ into the box and hit Enter.
  6. Delete the Discord folder from that directory too.
  7. Download a fresh copy of Discord and install it.

Deleting the two folders removes most Discord data from your computer. Installing a fresh copy should also include the updated data so you sidestep the need to update in the first place. Until next time anyway.

Those are the ways I know of to fix Discord’s update loop bug. I have used a couple of them myself and they worked fine so hopefully one will work for you too. Do you know of any other fixes for this? Tell us about them below if you do!