How To Fix Chromebook Touchpad That Isn’t Working

Is the Chromebook touchpad not responding to any of your commands? Does it take forever for you to move the cursor from one end to the other? Many people have experienced similar kinds of problems with their Chromebook. 


That’s why we have decided to list some of the things that could help you solve it. Depending on what you are dealing with, these fixes can be useful. But, if the touchpad is broken, you will need to get it fixed. These are some options you can try to get your touchpad to start working again.

Option No. 1

If it takes forever for you to move the cursor across the screen, this option can be useful. Do you have one USB port free? Then, take a mouse and plug it in that exact port.  Use it as a temporary fix while the touchpad is not working. After you unplug it, the touchpad could reset and start working again. 

Option No. 2

Restart the Chromebook. Hold the power button and wait for it to turn off. Try to log in back again and see if the touchpad is working.

Option No. 3

Change the Owner account. In some cases, if the touchpad is disabled for anyone who tries to work on the Chromebook except for the Owner account, you can reset these functions. Check on which account you are logged in to. If it is not the Owner account, you might want to switch.  

Option No. 4

This will sound too simple, but it can work. Spam the “Esc” key a couple of times. It can help reboot the touchpad. 

Option No. 5

Go to your Guest account. In some cases, if you log in to the Guest account, the device will reboot itself and the touchpad can start working again. Switch between different accounts. Log in to each account you have just to see if it will work. 

Option No. 6

If none of the above-mentioned options work, it is time for a factory reset. Now, have in mind that this will delete all the data you have on your hard drive. That means documents, pictures, files, or videos will be gone. 

Before you do the factory reset, it is a good idea to transfer the data you want to keep to a USB drive. Or, you can always store it in Google Drive. Since it is much easier to access on the Chromebook. To do it, click on the picture you’ve selected on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Select “Settings”. 

Then, go to “Advanced Settings”. Scroll to the end until you find the option “Reset Settings”. Click on it. 

Now, you can select between two options. “Reset Settings” or “Powerwash”. The first one will return all your settings to their defaults. While the second one will return the device to the same state it was the moment you purchased it. So, click on “Powerwash”. Once you do that, it should work.


It can be a bit tricky to work with a malfunctioning touchpad. Hopefully, you found these options helpful.