How To Fix Amazon Firestick No Stream Available Errors

If you have jailbroken your Amazon Firestick and are using Kodi, you will be familiar with the ‘no stream available’ error. It’s not exactly frequent but it is something that Kodi addons, or the streams accessible through Kodi can experience at one time or another. It’s not a showstopping error but it does interrupt your viewing. That’s why I have put together this guide on how to fix Amazon Firestick no stream available errors.


As a long time Amazon Firestick user, I have seen this error dozens of times. Each time it required a little effort on my part to overcome. Most of the time it’s a software update issue but occasionally it requires a little more work. Here are the ways I know to fix Amazon Firestick no stream available errors.

Amazon Firestick no stream available errors

Kodi is made up of the core media player and then a bunch of addons that plug into it to provide channels. It is usually a discrepancy between Kodi and those addons that can cause the error, but not always. It can also be that the title or stream provided by that addon is no longer available.

As most Kodi addons are put together by hobbyists, they can be intermittent and go down for no reason. This is especially true for illegal streams as copyright holders and enforcement agencies are always trying to shut them down. That’s why there is no single way to fix it. It’s more a process of elimination.

Here are some things to check:

Try a different title

If you’re seeing the no stream available error on a particular movie or TV show, try another title. That particular title could have been removed and the playlist not updated. If another title works fine, it is likely the case. There are usually several sources for every title so if you really want to watch it, you’ll be able to find it elsewhere.

This is a prime reason for seeing this error. Just because a title is displayed as available in Kodi, doesn’t mean it is actually there. It’s a game of cat and mouse where the mouse is the streamer and the cat is law enforcement. Sometimes streams go down without warning which is why checking the title is the first troubleshooting step you should take.

Use Indigo to keep the cache clean

One of the many maintenance apps out there for Kodi is Indigo. It’s a cache clearing app that makes short work of housekeeping. It clears the Kodi and all addon caches and is a very useful tool to have. Download it from your favorite repo and install it. Access it from the Maintenance menu in Kodi and set it to clear the cache. This can be enough to have your stream working again.

Update everything

Make sure the Amazon Firestick is up to date, that Kodi itself is up to date, your addons are up to date and that you’re not using a necro’d addon. Make sure all software is up to date and reboot the Firestick if you did update anything. You shouldn’t need to do this but I have found it will get things working again.

If you use Exodus or Covenant, you will likely know that they have been replaced multiple times. All addons come and go so make sure you’re not using one that is no longer supported or updated.

Recheck your internet connection or VPN

If you’re seeing no stream available for multiple titles across multiple channels, it may be something more fundamental that’s wrong. Check your internet connection to make sure it’s running and working properly and that nobody else is using all the bandwidth. Open Netflix on your phone or laptop and watch a stream. If that works, it’s the Firestick.

If you’re connecting wirelessly, check your WiFi. Using Netflix on a phone or laptop will test that. If you tested using Ethernet, try again using WiFi. Make sure your wireless network is performing correctly.

If you’re watching behind a VPN, reset the VPN or change the endpoint server. It could be congestion, the VPN port being blocked by the stream provider or another kind of issue with the VPN provider.

Like streams, the world of VPNs is an ever-changing one and even if you use a legitimate addon and stream, sometimes VPNs are blacklisted by ISPs, international carriers or someone else. Changing the endpoint server on your VPN will change the physical server you’re connected to and its IP address range. If it is a block or issue with the VPN, this should fix it.

Those are the ways I know of to fix Amazon Firestick no stream available errors. I’m sure there are others but these work for me. Have any other methods to add? Tell us about them below if you do!