How To Find Your Wife Or Husband On Zoosk

Dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Zoosk have changed the way people date. They have made it easier to find like minded individuals even if they haven’t made it easier to find love. They have also made it much easier to cheat. If you suspect your significant other is cheating, this tutorial will show you how to find your wife or husband on Zoosk.

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There is a moral conundrum with searching out a partner on dating apps. It is less than ideal to join the same dating app with a fake profile and seek them out as you’re almost as bad as they are even if you’re not planning to cheat. At the same time, cheating is not cool so anyone that is cheating deserves everything they get.

This tutorial will involve creating a fake profile and seeking out your wife or husband. It will require you to perform some amateur detective work and for you to seek out their dating profile, if they have one.

You could save yourself time and effort and look for Zoosk payments in your partner’s credit card or bank statements but that is no guarantee. They may have accounts you don’t know about but it’s worth trying before you go down this route.

If you’re sure this is the way you want to go, let’s get on with it.

Find your husband or wife on Zoosk

You will need a burner phone for this to work. You will also need some profile pics to use on your fake profile that look like you enough to attract your partner but not so much like you that they become suspicious. It will probably take you longer to find those than it will to find your partner on Zoosk.

Zoosk has both free and premium accounts. We will register with a free account and use search or browse to see if your partner is on Zoosk. You won’t be able to message them as a free user but you will be able to identify them using profile pics or their bio.

Create your fake Zoosk profile

Take a pen and paper or notepad on your computer or phone and create your fake profile. Create a fake name, address, age, birth sign, town or city, job and create a little backstory. Keep this safe and make sure it cannot be found. You need to make your profile so it should attract your partner without being too similar that it arouses suspicion. You know what they find attractive so use some of that. Don’t use everything you know as your fake profile could appear too good to be true.

Locate those images. Use another dating site, use private dating forums, use Facebook or other social network. Don’t download the images and use them directly. Use screenshots or a clipping tool to capture them. This ensures you don’t use someone else’s EXIF data and lowers the chances of you being found out using reverse image search.


  1. Sign up to a free email account in your fake name. Optionally, set up a fake Facebook page and create some posts.
  2. Sign up to Zoosk using your new fake email address. Use your burner phone number for account verification.
  3. Create your dating profile using the persona you created earlier.
  4. Use the pics you also created earlier.

Once your profile is complete, you’re ready to go.

You now have two options. You have created a fake profile to use as bait. You can now either let the bait dangle and see if they bite or be more proactive and seek them out. I would suggest the latter as there is no guarantee your partner is even on Zoosk let alone actively seeking.

Searching for your husband or wife on Zoosk

Zoosk is one of the few dating apps that has a search function. You can either use this or filter your profile criteria by city, age or other criteria you think they might use. Don’t use their exact age as many cheaters will add or subtract a year or two for a degree of separation.

Or use both. If you really want to find them on Zoosk, I would use every tool at your disposal to do that. Scroll through all Zoosk users in your city or wherever your partner works if they work in a different city. Filter by age, distance or whatever you think most appropriate and scroll through every profile that comes up to see if your partner appears.

Depending on where you live and how many Zoosk users there are in the region, this could take minutes or many days. It may require patience and fortitude but as long as you’re methodical and don’t let on until you have evidence you should be fine.