How To Find Your Gmail Address Book

Gmail continuously updates its services for better usability, though sometimes this leaves users lost and unsure where their usual functions have gone. This tutorial shows you where to find your Gmail address book within

It’s easy and straightforward to send an email on Gmail to someone you know. If the email recipient is someone you’ve already communicated with or in your contacts list, then Gmail can just auto-populate the other person’s address.

But what if you want to add a new contact to your address book? It’s not quite clear where the address book is just from looking at your mail inbox, but Google has conveniently grouped all of its different apps and services together under one menu. So all it takes is just a couple of clicks to reach the address book or Contacts.

Here’s how to find your address book on the web browser.

From Your Browser

Head to your favorite browser and log in to your account on Navigate to the App Launcher menu next to your profile photo on the top right–it’s the small three-by-three dot grid. Click on the Contacts icon to bring up the Contacts window. If the Contacts app is too far down the list, you can also click and drag it near the top, so it’s easier to access.

The Contacts section opens up in a separate tab or window and displays all of your Gmail contacts.

From here, you can perform many functions:

Create or edit contacts – click on Create contact to make a new contact entry, or click on an existing contact’s name to edit their details.
Track contacts – add the people you communicate with most often in your Frequently Contacted list.
Group contacts together – organize contacts into groups using the Label function to keep your personal contacts separate from business contacts or if you want to create your own mailing group.
Clean up duplicates – merge contacts that have multiple details or entries to keep your contact list lean and clean.
Import or export contacts – you can import contacts from a CSV or vCard file. You can also export to a Google CSV or Outlook CSV or vCard as well.

There’s an easier and quicker method if you don’t want to go through to reach your contacts. Simply visit and log in to

The next time you need to find that one contact whose email address you can’t remember, just head to Gmail’s App Launcher or for the list of all your Gmail contacts.