How To Find Your Firestick Ip Address

The Firestick is a device that allows you to stream videos, watch series, play games, and listen to music on your TV. You just need to plug the device in the HDMI input and personalize the Firestick as you like. 


The app store inside your Firestick has a wide range of different apps. Some of them are free, but others demand a one-time payment or a monthly plan. However, there are plenty of free apps, so there is no need to buy anything extra at the beginning. Unless you are looking for something in specific.

Some of these apps, especially the one that requires to link two or more devices, need an IP direction. And yes, your Firestick does have an IP address. Therefore, you will need to find it to be able to link it with other devices. Depending on the type of software that you have, the process is slightly different. Here you have a guide for both versions, so let’s begin.

Version and newer

Step 1

Swing to the settings options, which is at the end of the top menu.

Step 2

Head right until you see the device option; click it. Then choose the first option, which is the about option.

Step 3

Once you choose it, a new set of options will appear on the screen. Click on the network option; it is the second one from the top-down. 

The Firestick’s IP address will be displayed on the right of your screen; it is on the top of all the information (yellow rectangle).

Version and Older

The interface changes a bit on older devices. But the process is as simple as for the newer devices.

Step 1

Scroll down at the home screen and choose the settings option; it is the fifth option from the top-down. 

Step 2

As before, click on the “about” option and then choose the network option. In this case, it should be the third option from the top-down.  

There you can read all the information about your Firestick device, including the IP address. 

As you can see, it is quite a simple process. You won’t face any trouble finding the IP address regardless of the device’s version. But if you ever do, this guide will help you, and you won’t ever forget the process again. 


Knowing your Firestick IP address is useful if you want to link it with other devices. Also, certain apps need such information to either be installed or to enhance the user experience. These apps are often made by a third party, which means that you have to give them this information because they can’t automatically get it.

Since third party apps are created by other companies (Not Amazon), some of them won’t even be on the inbuilt app store. Hence, you will need to manually install them from another source. But be careful with such apps, especially if they ask for IP information. Before installing be sure that the app is legit and won’t harm your system.