How To Find Out If Someone Is On Bumble

Bumble makes dating much easier and pretty straightforward. Let’s say you just downloaded the app and you find someone very good-looking. You decide to swipe right. It’s a match! Now, all that’s left is to start talking. 


You initiate the conversation, but they ignore you. There is not a single message. So, what is the reason for this? Could it be that they are simply not interested in you? In that case, why would they swipe right?

Maybe they are not online. So, how can you check if someone is on Bumble? Don’t worry, we will answer that question here for you. If you want to know if that person is online or not, keep reading to find out.

How to See if Someone is Active or Not?

If you want to go on a date, you need to communicate with that person first. Exchange a couple of messages and get to know one another. But, if that person doesn’t type back, there is nothing you can do about it. You are stuck.

There is no time to bother yourself with this. If someone doesn’t want to talk, you can’t force them to. Could it be simply because they are offline? Emily Wright, an Associate Director in a particular sector in Bumble, will help us answer that question. 

Based on her statement, if you get matched with a person on Bumble, it means you’ve been matched with an active user. All the people that pop up on your feed are active or have been active in the past 30 days. 

Even though there is no button or an option to see who is online or not, the people you get matched with are active. To make sure that you don’t get matched with inactive users, Bumble implemented a cool Snooze option. 

This option allows people to pause their activity on the dating app. In other words, if they decide to stop looking for a partner, for the time being, they can toggle the Snooze option. You can also use it when you go on a vacation or you find a partner. 

 This is a pretty handy way to monitor your activity on Bumble. In other words, anyone who has enabled the Snooze option will not get matched with other users. Bumble will consider all the other users as active. Only those who have enabled the Snooze option are inactive. 

If you get matched with someone you really like, just send them a message. If they get back to you, great. If they don’t, there are still more fishes in the sea. What you should know is that every person you get matched with is an active user. 

They may not be online at the moment, but they actively use the app. They will get your message sooner or later. Just be patient. If you think they are taking too long to answer, you can always look for someone else. 


Unfortunately, there is no feature that shows you who is on bumble right now. But, don’t worry. All the people you get matched with are active users. If they want to, they can send you a message.