How To Find Friends On Crunchyroll

If you are an anime fan, odds are, you’ve signed up to Crunchyroll to try the free premium pass. This streaming website is one of the most popular ones on the market. Here, you can watch countless anime shows and more. 


You can download the episodes you want to watch or you can watch them online. It is not free after the free trial ends, but you get a lot for a cheap price. You pay once every month to get access to all its features. If you’ve recently signed up to Crunchyroll, you have yet to find out all of its cool options. 

There are many options you can access via the settings menu and the home screen. But what about finding your friends? Surely, you’ve noticed there is no “friend search”. So, how can you add someone to your friend list? Or, how can you see other people’s profile?

Here, we will answer these questions for you. This is how you can find your friends on Crunchyroll. 

How to Visit Your Friend’s Profile?

Friends in Crunchyroll are called buddies. The point of having buddies on this website is very simple. You get to post stuff on each other’s guestbook. You don’t need to use the open forum when you can privately share whatever you want to. 

You can also join groups together and organize some cool events to watch anime shows. Since there is no search option to look for your friends on this website, there is something else you can do. 

  • Open your browser. In the search bar, type the following link: Replace the word “username” with the actual username of the person you want to find. Then, click enter. 

 If you’ve correctly typed the name, you will gain access to that person’s Crunchyroll profile. Now, if you want to add them to your friend list, click on “Add Buddy”. It is the button you see right under their profile picture. 

Once that person accepts your invite, they will appear in your “Buddy list”. Basically, this is the only way you can find friends on Crunchyroll. You can’t find people unless you know their public Crunchyroll username. 

To save yourself some trouble, it is a good idea to ask your friend to tell you their public username. This way, you can find them much faster. That’s it! Now you know how to find friends on Crunchyroll. 


Crunchyroll doesn’t have a typical search system where you can find your friends. Instead, you will have to type a specific link in your browser. Also, you have to know that person’s public username if you want to find them. 

Otherwise, you can’t visit their profile. If you know who you are looking for, you can find your friends in no-time. Now that you know how to do it, go ahead and give it a try. Search for anyone you want to find on Crunchyroll. It is quick and easy. Let u know if you found this guide helpful in the comment section below.