How To Find Contacts On Groupme

Instant information and communication are paramount in a world where everyone owns either a smartphone, a computer, or both. Therefore, it is not surprising to find a wide variety of apps that allow you to send instant messages using an internet connection. Which is the best one? It depends on your necessities. For example, if you are looking for an app with which you can send instant messages (Like and SMS), GroupMe is what you need. 


I know, GroupMe is a quite uncommon app. But let me tell you that it is very useful. With it, you can send messages to other people. But it’s specialty is group SMS- like instant messages. I know what you are thinking; you can do this on non-smartphone devices by simply typing the number on the “To” section. 

However, GroupMe is different. For example, on the classic SMS service, you send the same messages to a lot of people. But if someone replies to it, you will be the only one that will see it. With this app, in contrast, if someone replies, everyone in the group will be able to see it. It is like a WhatsApp group message, but with an SMS-like system. 

Like any other message system, you have to export your contacts to be able to see them in the contact section. Here you will learn how to find your contacts and how to sync them if you do not find a certain user. 

Step 1

Open the app on your device. 

Step 2

Now, swing to the top left corner of the screen, and click on the three horizontal lines. 

Step 3

A sidebar menu will appear on the screen; look for the contact option. It should be the second one from the top down.

Step 4

Here you will see all the contacts that you have on GroupMe. 

If you do not see the user, you can click on the “Find and invite more friends” section to try to look for the person that you wish to send a message to.

Step 5

From here, click on the “Find friends from contacts”; it is highlighted in blue on the top of the screen. 

Step 6

A pop-up alert will appear on the screen, asking for permission to import the contacts from your phone. 

Step 7

It will alert once the process finishes. All that is left if you click on the “ok” button, and that is all. 

Now, you should see all the people you have on your phone address book from the contact section. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to see them.

One of the great things about GroupMe is that you can send messages to non-smartphone and smartphone users alike. The owner of the group is the only person that must have a smartphone with the app installed. But this only works within the United States, though; for now, at least. 

If you can’t find a certain person, you can invite him or her to use GroupMe service. Just invite all the users you like instead of choosing the “Find friends from contacts” on step 5.