How To Find Channels In Telegram

How do you find channels in Telegram? If you’re looking for a niche group, a bunch of like-minded friends, or just a place that hosts files you can download, it’s very easy to find Telegram channels. Read on!


To find channels in Telegram, try the following:

  • Find the name of the channel in the search bar
  • Find a channel through its category in the search bar
  • Look for specific channels on sites that host Telegram group channels
  • Find a channel through word-of-mouth

Read on for detailed instructions on how to find a channel on Telegram!

What is A Telegram Channel?

Telegram channels are groups where individuals or organizations can broadcast their public messages to much larger audiences than groups allow for. Channels offer an opportunity to reach people directly, with members of the channel being notified with each post.

Telegram Channels, compared to groups, can have an unlimited amount of subscribers. However, only administrators of the channel have the right to post. Unlike groups, channels show the name of the channel, as well as the photo, next to its messages. This is in place of Telegram displaying the person who posted the message.

Many media organizations and public figures use Telegram Channels to stay in touch with their communities. If you are an individual or group trying to start a conversation with your audience on Telegram or an organization looking to spread a message digitally, Telegram Channels are a free, effective way to reach out to your audience.

How to Find Telegram Channels With Channel Name

If you already know the channel name of the Telegram channel you wish to tune into, then it should be easy to find the Telegram Channel you want. Follow the steps listed below. This method will work for any version of Telegram: desktop, Android, and iOS.

Step 1

Open up Telegram.

Step 2

Click the search bar and type in the channel name.

Step 3

Click or tap the channel name.

Step 4

To join the channel, click the Join Channel button on the lowest part of the screen.

Congratulations, you just found the Telegram Channel you wanted! You will now receive notifications from this channel unless you leave, or choose to mute notifications.

How to Find Telegram Channel Without Name

If you don’t have the name for the Telegram Channel you want to join, or if you’re just browsing for related channels, you can look for the category instead on the search bar. Most channels have their category as their username, for example, movies.

If you need to find a Telegram channel with a specific category, here’s how:

Step 1

Open your Telegram app. This tutorial will work for desktop, Android, and iOS versions of Telegram.

Step 2

Type the category you want to find in the Search bar.

Step 3

Click or tap the channel you want to join.

Step 4

Click or tap “Join Channel” to receive notifications whenever a new post comes out.

And now you have successfully joined a Telegram channel by searching for its category! Of course, this won’t always work, especially if you’re looking for something really niche. But most of the time, you’ll find the results on the first try. If you don’t, keep trying other variations of the keyword, as well as combine them with other keywords.

How to Find Telegram Channels Online

If you’ve tried both methods above and still can’t find the Telegram Channel you’re looking for, don’t lose hope! You can still find the Telegram Channel you want through online lists, which are created by users in an attempt to help others find channels they are interested in.

Telegram doesn’t do a good job of letting you discover new channels in the app natively, which is why we’re going to have to go through a few websites to find the channels we want.

Thankfully, these channels curate their lists in order to help users find the channels they need, fast.

Here are some of the channels you can visit if you want to find a Telegram Channel online:

  • a list of the top 100 Telegram channels, groups, and bots that have the most rating count and score from its subscribers.
  • an official, Telegram-sanctioned resource for Telegram channels. You can search by name, description, or keyword. It also lists down channels by category so you can further help yourself in finding a channel that works for you.
  • a rotating list of the top 100 most popular Telegram channels rated by subscribers. It’s a list that also shows how many subscribers each channel has.
  • a resource for Telegram channels, groups, stickers, and guides. If you need help figuring out Telegram, this site has a ton of tips and tricks waiting for you.

Wrap Up

To cap it off, here’s how you can find a Telegram Channel in 2020

  • Use the search bar to look for the group you want.
  • Use the group name as a keyword in the search bar.
  • Use the category as a keyword in the search bar.
  • Try looking for channels online.

We hope this guide leads you to the Telegram Channel you’ve always wanted!