How To Fake Ping In Discord

Discord is a great place to hang out with friends and voice or video chat with them as you are playing. Also, it is a good app to make some pranks such as faking or changing messages.

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But one prank is especially funny. Do you know what everybody hates in chat rooms or chat applications? Mentions and notifications regarding new messages. Almost everyone will click on the server to see the new message to get rid of the annoying notification. But what happens when there is no one talking, and a wild ping appears? Total madness is what happens. Here you’ll learn how to make a fake ping to keep your friends looking for new messages for a while. Beware, they most likely will get mad and have you will have hundreds of angry messages.

Step 1

To start, you’ll need to have privileges to change the server configuration at will. For example, you must be the owner or the server. Otherwise, you won’t be able to change its configuration. Now, click on this link and download the picture.

Step 2

Once you have download the picture, you should open it with some picture editing software. Then you just have to paste the profile picture of your server on it. Be sure to paste it behind the ping notification. You can do it on paint; the image already has the correct size.

Don’t laugh at my awesome drawing skills.

Step 3

After editing the server’s logo, you have to upload it. To do it, right-click on the service logo. Then click on service settings and finally on the overview. Remember that you can’t do this if you are not the owner of the server.

Step 4

Inside the service settings, you can change every characteristic of the server. But we will focus on changing the server’s profile picture. You just have to click on the upload picture button. Alternatively, you can swing the mouse over the profile picture a click on change icon. After you click it, you may search for your edited server picture.

Step 5

Once you have uploaded it, you must click on save changes that appear on page bottom. It won’t let you get out without either saving or discarding the changes. If you don’t like how the profile picture looks like, you can edit it again until you feel comfortable with it.

Step 6

As you save all the changes, your server picture should look like this. The image was taken from the account of the other user.

It is very easy to change the server’s profile picture and make it like there are some unread messages. 

All users will go nuts trying to find out where the new message is. Also, if you browse the web for some time, you will find some other template with different numbers. Just make sure that the size is correct, and the picture looks as natural as possible.