How To Factory Reset The Firestick With Your Computer

Amazon’s Firestick is a device that allows you to watch your favorite music or shows, play games, and listen to music all in one place; your TV. The only thing you need is the device and a TV with an HDMI input slot. With just plugging in the Firestick, you will be transforming your boring and old TV into a smart TV. 


It has hundreds of apps, and each one offers you unique features. While most of them are free, some others demand payment prior to its use. But don’t worry, there are plenty of great free apps. So whether you pay or not won’t affect your experience.

Sadly, because it is a tiny device, it doesn’t have a large storage. This is a big issue because the more space you are using, the slower the system will run, which increases the possibility of system errors or malfunctions. Besides, as happens with all electronic devices, the Firestick is not exempt from errors. 

Sometimes, because of those errors, you will need to restore your system. Here you will learn how to do it from your PC. Sadly, the process is not so simple, because you will have to download an Android iOS emulator since you can’t directly restore the Firestick from your PC.

Step 1

In this case, we will use the BlueStacks Android emulator. Head to and download the app.

Continue the installation process and launch the app. Beware, as it will take some time to launch for the first time. 

Step 2

Open the Play Store and search for the Fire remote app. Once you have found it hit download and wait.

Step 3

Configure your remote app, and it will be ready for use. Select the device that you wish to restore, and then click on the gear icon. It should be at the left corner of your PC screen. 

Step 4

Now, all that is left is for you to click on the system, and then the factory reset and the process is finished.

Of course, it is far simpler with either the remote control or with your smartphone. But if you find yourself without any of them, you can always use your good old PC.

After the restoration is completed, you must reconfigure your firestick device as if it were fresh out of the box. Yes, it is an annoying process, but sometimes it is necessary. Especially, if the Firestick has sudden crashes or serious lag.

However, before restoring the device to its factory settings, it is better to clear the app data, cache, and cookies. This way you will free some space, and maybe you can solve the problem. 

Try not to overwhelm the device with too many apps. Always have some free space for the system to run smoothly, and to avoid crashes and system errors. Keep in mind that some Firestick devices have an in-built SD card slot; take advantage of it to increase your storing space, and ease the system.