How To Factory Reset Google Home Max

All Google Home devices like Google Home mini, max, and nest are great tools to have around. They will become your personal assistant and will help you with basic duties such as remainders and building up your shopping list. But if you have other smart devices at home, you can control them through your Google Home device. For example, you have a smart lights controller; you can tell Google Home, to either turn them on, off or dim the lights. 


If you have a CromeCast device setup on your TV, you can tell Google Home to turn your TV on, and what to play on it. It goes without saying, but before controlling anything with Google Home smart speakers, you have to link them. This means that if the device is not compatible, you can not control it with your device.

As you can see, your life will be far easier if you have one, or more, of these devices. However, because Google Home is an electronic gadget, it is subjected to software errors or glitches. For example, it could crash and won’t do anything upon a command. While sometimes most of these errors are solved with a simple boot, others require some harsh measures. 

When the errors are too frequent or unresolved after a simple reboot, it is time for a factory reset reboot. This will erase all your data and settings, and leave the device; as if it were out of the box new. Let’s learn how.

Step 1

Grab your Google Max device and turn it to see the back of it. There must be a bottom near the power cord cable. It is known as the factory data reset (FDR) button. 

Step 2

Press and hold the button for at least twelve seconds. You will hear Google assistant voice telling you that the device is resetting. You can lift the button and wait until the device resets itself. This should solve the problem you are experiencing.

Now, it is time to set your Google Max again. This means that you have to link it with your Google Home app and other smart devices again. Of course, this process could take some time. But it is a necessary measure to solve your problem and get the best experience possible.

Remember that factory resetting your device should only be done if there is no other solution. For example, it is better to perform a simple reboot by unplugging the device from the power source. If this proves to be useless, you have no other option rather than do a factory reset of the device. 

Another reason to delete all your data is when you are thinking of selling your Google Max or Google Home device. This way, the next owner can set the device as he or she pleases.

Note that it is impossible to erase all data from either the Google Home app or with voice commands, which means that this is a manual process. This is some sort of security measure, so you don’t accidentally reset the device.