How To End A Meeting On Google Meet

Google Meet is a popular video conferencing service that teachers and organizations use to hold meetings and classes. Since more people are using the app for educational purposes, Google is continuously improving the app to give the teachers more control over the meetings online. One such example is permanently ending a session, which we’ll go through in this tutorial below.


Although Google Meet doesn’t offer a lot of customization functions like backgrounds and filters, its primary features are the ones you might expect on the best video-chatting services out there. It allows users to start and host video conferences that can hold up to 100 participants.

While the free version of Meet is pretty decent, Gsuite for Education gives teachers more controls and features that they can use in their online classes. But no matter how great the app is, there are still some problems and room for improvement.

In Google Meet, there’s no button or feature to terminate or end the meeting for everyone. In other words, the video conference doesn’t stop unless everyone leaves the room. As a result, some students tend to use the meeting for other purposes aside from class.

Fortunately, Google made some improvements that give teachers more control in their classes. With nicknamed meetings, teachers can invite their students without using a Meet link. In this way, students can’t rejoin or use the room after everyone leaves the session.

How to end a nicknamed meeting for everyone

Unlike Zoom, Meet doesn’t have a feature to end stop a video conference even if you’re the host. The only workaround on this problem is to use nicknamed meetings and leaving the room after everyone else.

Just make sure that you only share the nickname and not the link so that your students can’t reuse or rejoin the meeting once everyone leaves the room.

Remove all participants on a meeting

If you can’t wait for everyone to leave, you can remove them manually from the room.

For Google Meet users on their web browser:

  1. At the top left side of your side of your screen, click the Members icon to show every participant in the meeting.

  2. Under the People tab, click the drop-down icon beside a participant’s name.

  3. From the options, click the remove icon to kick the participant from your video conference.

Note: The moderator on meetings hosted on a personal Google account is the only user that can remove other participants.

For those who use the Google Meet app on Android:

  1. Head over to the members tab on your meeting to view the names of everyone in the conference.
  2. Tap the name of a participant to open some options.

  3. Tap the remove icon.

  4. Tap “Remove” to confirm your decision.

Leave the meeting

Once that you’re the last one present at the meeting, you can go and end the call. To do so, click the red icon in the middle of your screen.

After a few moments, the meeting becomes inaccessible to your students. Take note that this method only works on for people on a G Suite Education account.


Due to the increasing number of teachers and students using Meet, Google is continuously improving its video conferencing service to make it even more suitable for classes online. As such, they are giving teachers and organizers more features to control and end their meetings online.

With nicknamed meetings, teachers can send invitations to students without using the exact video conference link. In addition, students can’t rejoin these sessions once everyone leaves the room, thus ending it permanently.

While these features are only available through the Education accounts, there might be a time in the future where it is also available on all versions.

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