How To Enable 2FA On ClickUp

Do you want to have more security on your ClickUp account? Or do you want to reassure yourself that other people will have a hard time opening your account on the app? Either way, you can enable 2FA on your account for added security. In our guide below, we’ll cover the steps to do so.


When you create an account on ClickUp, you’ll need to set up a password to protect it from unauthorized people. In most cases, a strong password is enough to secure your account so that no one else can access your workspaces.

However, we understand that some people worry about using only one layer of protection on their accounts. Thankfully, ClickUp has a 2FA option that you can enable on your accounts.

With the help of the 2FA option, you’ll have another layer of security to make sure that no one else can access your projects.

Here’s our guide about enabling 2FA on the app.

How to toggle 2FA on ClickUp

To add more security to your ClickUp account, you can enable the 2FA option in your settings. In this way, anyone that tries to access your account will have trouble getting in since they’ll need to verification code from your authenticator app or SMS.

You can toggle 2FA from the ClickUp web or desktop app. Both app versions are pretty similar, so we’ll cover the steps for both of them in a single tutorial below.

Note: SMS authentication isn’t available on the ClickUp Free Forever workspace plan. We’ll show you how to use an authenticator app when enabling 2FA on your account.

On your computer:

  1. Launch the ClickUp desktop app or visit their web client. Sign in to your account on the app.
  2. Click your profile icon or workspace icon at the bottom of the sidebar.

  3. On the menu that appears, select “My Settings.”

  4. Choose whether to use SMS or an authenticator app under the two-factor authentication option.

  5. Open the authenticator app that you usually use on your phone and click the “Yes, ready to scan” button.

  6. Scan the QR code that appears on your screen using the authenticator app you have on your phone. If you’re having trouble scanning the code, enter the key at the bottom of the window to your authenticator app manually.
  7. Enter the verification code that appears on the authenticator app into the empty field on your screen. Select “Set Up” to confirm your decision.

That’s how you set up two-factor authentication on ClickUp. Anyone within your workspace can set up their own 2FA setting or opt not to use this feature on their accounts.

Please note that only people on the business plan can use the SMS option when setting up 2FA on their accounts. Users on the Free Forever workspace plan can only use the authenticator app option.

After enabling 2FA on your account, you’ll need the verification code from the authenticator app to access your account on a new device. This feature makes it harder for unauthorized people from opening your account on the app and accessing your project.

To wrap things up

By enabling 2FA on your ClickUp account, you’ll get more protection for your account. Always remember that you’ll need the authenticator app to access your account in new devices or sessions.

That’s everything! For more tips and tutorials, visit our page frequently, and read our daily posts and updates.

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