How To Edit Layout And Theme In Google Slides

Whether it’s for a school, business, or academic report, Google Slides lets you explore the themes and layouts they have to produce creative presentations. However, different themes have different layouts, so you have to pick the best one to match the presentation concept you’ll be creating.

Google Slides

In this guide, we’ll teach you the easy way of changing the theme and editing the layout of your Google Slides presentation. Doing so will enable you to play with the different elements, such as rearranging the position of the texts, adding shapes and images in the slide, changing the background, and many more.

Editing the Slides’ Layout

Creating a presentation on Google Slides and editing the slides’ layout allows you to explore and experiment with how your presentation will look and organize the material and graphics in each slide. The ability to change this is important when producing a presentation since it allows you to adjust the layout of concepts based on your personal preferences.

1. Go to Google Slides’ web browser then create a new presentation.

Navigate to to open Google slides, then select the “Blank” presentation to create a new one.

2. Click the “Layout” button in the tool bar.

After opening a blank presentation, select “Layout” from the toolbar, and a drop-down window will appear. In this window, you will see all the available layouts that you can use in your presentation. You can use different formats for the other slides that you’re about to create.

3. Select which layout will fit the page you are editing.

Choose the layouts that best fit the page you’re working on. Here are some examples of how you can select and use the available designs: When editing your title page and do not intend to add a body or a paragraph, utilize the “Title Slide” layout.

You can also use the “Title and Two Columns” arrangement if you want to compare and contrast two separate things in that particular slide. Finally, if you plan to insert a picture into that page, you can utilize the “Caption” layout.

Changing the Theme of the Presentation

Use the themes in Google Slides to be more creative and make your presentation fascinating and not boring. Changing the theme of your PowerPoint will make the presentation more appealing to the audience’s eyes. You can add a personal touch to your presentation by importing your theme.

1. Select “Theme” from the options in the toolbar.

The first step in making your presentation more interesting is to select “Theme” from the toolbar, which will bring up a panel on the right side of the screen.

2. Browse throught the themes then select the one you prefer.

The panel will show you a variety of themes that you can utilize for your presentation. Check them all carefully, then choose the one you like most or something that precisely fits your concept.

3. Click on the “Import theme” button if you want to upload and use your own.

If you haven’t found any themes that appeal to you or what Google Slides offers does not fit your presentation, you can import your theme by choosing the “Import theme” option. A pop-up window will open, allowing you to select whatever theme or image you want to use as the theme for your presentation.

4. Choose the theme that you think fits your presentation then click “Select.”

All of the existing themes from past presentations will appear in the pop-up window, from which you can choose, but you can also upload an image to use as a theme. Check them all carefully, then click “Select” if you’re sure about your choice.

5. Select your current presentation then click “Import theme.” to save the changes made.

To finalize and apply the changes, select the presentation where you want to incorporate your theme, then click the “Import theme” button.

Be Creative With Google Slides

When you’re not satisfied with all the themes available in Google Slides, you have the option to import one from your computer. If you feel that none of the current themes offered in Google Slides will perfectly match the concept of the presentation you’ll be making, try importing a theme of your choice.

Now that you’ve learned about changing layouts and themes for your presentation, why don’t you go ahead and open Google Slides and try to apply your new knowledge? I’m sure you’ll do great!