How To Easily Turn On Dark Mode In Notion

You might already be familiar with dark mode upon using apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even iPhones. Now, Notion offers it too. Sometimes, the Light Mode can be too bright for the eyes, making it quite a distraction especially when you’re about to sleep at night.


There are really times where we prefer dim lights and so, it’s a great idea for apps to offer the Dark Mode to make the screen of our phones and devices easy for the eyes. Well, if you didn’t know that Notion has this feature, luck that you discovered it now!

Making schedules or organizing notes and to-do lists would now be made more comfortable with you. Here’s how you can enable it on both your desktop and mobile in 3 easy steps.

1. Open Notion and go to Settings & Members.

When you’re already in Notion, you’ll notice the menu bar on the left side of your screen. Look on the upper part of it and you’ll see the “Settings & Members” option.

2. Go to appearance and change it to “Dark”.

After clicking it, you’ll be shown several options on the left side. Among all of them, click on “Appearance”.

Now, click the arrow down button as shown in the picture below and change it to dark.

3. Wait for a change on how Notion looks in your device.

Picking the dark mode would immediately turn your background to dark. Exit Settings and see if it was applied. You’ve successfully done it once you see something like this on any page you click:


These steps work on both your desktop and mobile app, so you’d really just need to remember them. It’s a very useful feature not only in Notion but in other apps as well that could somehow affect our productivity and interaction with the apps and devices.

However, not everyone has discovered this yet and so, if you were pleased with this amazing tool, you can share this with other users for them to use!