How To Easily Add Bullet Points In Google Slides

When making reports and presentations especially with Google Slides or Powerpoint, the best way is to always keep it concise. That’s why in doing so, it is actually better to include only the key points in your presentation through the use of bulleted points, instead of including blocks of text or whole paragraphs in a single slide.


That wouldn’t be fun to read and look at, agree? Therefore, now’s the perfect time to learn about adding bullet points in Google Slides if you still don’t know about them, or, find the best and easiest way of inserting them in a slide. In this guide, we’ll thoroughly discuss the process of doing it and so, make sure to read until the end.

1. Open the presentation you’re working on.

You won’t be able to start anything without opening or clicking the slideshow you’re currently working on and so, make sure that you look for it among your existing projects.

2. Click “More” in the toolbar.

Before doing so, it is important to note that the “More” option wouldn’t appear in the toolbar if you haven’t clicked any text box yet. Therefore, make sure that you have already inserted one or selected a specific text box in the slide you’re currently on.

Afterward, click on the ellipsis or the three horizontally stacked dots on the upper-right side of the toolbar.

3. Select the “bulleted list” icon.

Now, you’ll be shown a lot of options, but the one you have to look for is on the leftmost side which says “bulleted list” when you hover your cursor over it. Click it and a bullet point will immediately appear on the text box where your cursor is at.

4. Choose and change your preferred style for the bullets.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a drop-down arrow beside the bulleted list icon. That’s for viewing the different styles you can apply to your bulleted points. The circle dot is the most common and so if you want to make it look unique, choose a different one among all the options shown. Aside from the circle shape, you’re free to choose between a star, arrow, square, and diamond-looking bullet points.


It’s not always the case, but keeping your points summed up through bullet points can actually look much better than a whole block of text on your slide. If you know how to make use of bullet points in keeping your presentation brief and to the point, it can help you achieve a well-presented report or topic!

Another reason why it’s better to use is that it’s a lot easier to read for the audience, plus, it’s much easier to understand.